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Ventus is a keyblade wielder and active protagonist in Kingdom Hearts SOS


Ventus, also known as Ven, is one of the three younger students under Master Eraqus that was kidnapped about a year ago by The Apprentices, or No Heart's Goonies. He has no memories of his time before he was brought to Master Eraqus to train as an apprentice.

He formed a strong friendship with Master Eraqus' other students over time, Terra and Aqua. Terra became like a big brother to him and he really looked up to him. Terra even went so far as to give Ven his wooden training Keyblade and recite a mock inheritance ceremony. Together, the three of them shared the same dream: to become Keyblade Masters.


After Ven was kidnapped by No Heart's goons, he was put on ice by Nequa. When that got boring, they used him as a toy and experimented on him, thus Echo was born.

He had no will of his own, had to follow every order given to him, and participated in a version of the Reaper's Game. When things became sour, Vanitas pulled him out and he wasn't seen until Sanctuary.



He's sweet, cheerful, curious, and gets excited at anything new or interesting. He's ready to help out with anything and make new friends. Though he can be a little naïve and too trusting at times based on gaps in his memories, he tends to show courage when it is needed most.


Ability AP Description Obtained
High Jump 2 Leap into the air.

(Allows the player to attack higher to perform aerial combos)

Level 03
Dodge Roll 2 Increase Dodge Rate by 20%

(At 20 Speed, Dodge Rate increases to 30%)
(At 40 Speed, Dodge Rate increases to 40%)
(At 60 Speed, Dodge Rate increases to 50%)
(At 80 Speed, Dodge Rate increases to 60%)
(At 100 Speed, Dodge Rate increases to 70%)

Level 06 (+Hunter)

Level 09 (Neutral)
Level 12 (-Hunter)

Guard 2 Uses a turn to protect against physical attacks, increasing your defense by 20. (Also deflects certain projectiles) Level 06 (+Guardian)

Level 09 (Neutral)
Level 12 (-Guardian)

Magic Lock-On 2 Base Accuracy for all Magic becomes 100% Level 06 (+Mystic)

Level 09 (Neutral)
Level 12 (-Mystic)

Item Boost 2 Restoration item effects are doubled. Level 10
Cheer 2 Extend Controlled and Auto summons by 1 cycle. Equipping this ability to the entire party increases the effect. Level 18
Second Wind 4 Recover from Knockout ONCE with 50% HP. Level 20
Damage Syphon 3 Restores some of the Command Gauge when your player takes damage. (1% for every 2 HP lost) Level 22 (+Warrior)

Level 25 (Neutral)
Level 28 (-Warrior)

Lucky Lucky 3 Increase gambling chances by 5%

Equip to entire party to boost effect.

Level 22 (+Hunter)

Level 25 (Neutral)
Level 28 (-Hunter)

Cover 3 Uses a turn to stand in front of another player and take half their damage. Level 22 (+Guardian)

Level 25 (Neutral)
Level 28 (-Guardian)

MP Haste 3 Restore 1 MP every 3 cycles Level 22 (+Mystic)

Level 25 (Neutral)
Level 28 (-Mystic)

Second Chance 4 Ensures 1 HP remains after taking a hit that deals more than 40% of your HP in damage. Level 24
Reload Boost 4 Cooldowns decrease by 1 turn for Skill Commands

(Cannot decrease a cooldown past 3 Turns)

Level 32 (+Hunter)

Level 35 (Neutral)
Level 38 (-Hunter)

Counterattack 4 Counter an enemy with a combo while in guard.

(Guard Required. Does not grant additional CG.)

Level 32 (+Guardian)

Level 35 (Neutral)
Level 38 (-Guardian)

MP Rage 3 If more than 50 damage is taken in an attack, restore 1 MP. Level 32 (+Mystic)

Level 35 (Neutral)
Level 38 (-Mystic)

Berserk 2 Boost Attack by 30% when under 25% HP Level 42 (+Warrior)

Level 45 (Neutral)
Level 48 (-Warrior)

Critical Plus 3 Increase critical chance by 15% Level 42 (+Hunter)

Level 45 (Neutral)
Level 48 (-Hunter)

Healing Guard 3 Recover 10% HP When guarding.

(Guard Required)

Level 42 (+Guardian)

Level 45 (Neutral)
Level 48 (-Guardian)

MP Gift 3 Sacrifice 2 MP to restore 3 MP to an ally.

(Uses a turn)

Level 42 (+Mystic)

Level 45 (Neutral)
Level 48 (-Mystic)

Entrust 4 Uses a turn. Transfers all your current CG to another player. Level 55


  • HP: 97
  • MP: 8
  • Strength: 20
  • Magic: 20
  • Speed: 50
  • Defense: 30
  • Resistance: 30
  • AP: 50

Skill Command[]

Poison Edge

(1 SLOT)

250% Power 30 CG Dark Ground / Blade Dwarf Woodlands
5 Turn Cooldown 1 Hit 60% Poison 5 Enemies Cost: 750 Munny
Perform a jumping attack that poisons some foes.
Strike Raid

(1 SLOT)

x100% Power x20 CG Aura Based Blade / Projectile Nottingham
3 Turn Cooldown x1 Hit Evolution 5 Enemies Cost: 1,000 Munny
Throwing your keyblade to hit as many enemies as you can. This skill increses your attack power and gain by "X" every 25th level.

(2 MP)

500% Power 50 CG Light None The Mysterious Tower
5 Turn Cooldown 4 Hits None 20 Enemies Cost: 1,500 Munny
The player summons four pillars of light to damage enemies around the field. Each pillar targets a random enemy. 


Some keyblades will come with summons. These can basically be rolled into keyblades for the purposes of filling stuff in, but this is basically just an area to write down the ones you have.


  • Ninja
  • Ranger


these are your uber special super attacks. These take CG. You don't really need to choose these, but this is a place to write them down.

Technically, you also need a personal keyblade limit, but that's a lot more involved and we'll worry about that later so disregard it for the moment.


Sweetstack 2 5
  • +1 MP
  • Reboot: If the player is knocked out, their CG remains unaffected.
  • Price: 3,000 Munny


Ray of Light "Slightly raises Max HP and MP."+4 HP, +1 MP Moogle Shop: 800 Munny
Speed Chain "Slightly raises Speed"+3 Speed Moogle Shop: 450 Munny


These are consumable items. They typically restore health or MP


  • Ventus's name means "wind" in Latin.
  • Ventus's name is pronounced "Ven-tus" despite the fact it is rooted in Latin, in which "V" is pronounced as "W".
  • Ventus has an "E" etched on a metal plate on his ankle from his time with the Red Society

Musical Missions Completed[]

For the sake of the creator's sanity, here are the completed musical missions thus far