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Chapter 38 of SOS. This is part of the Homeworld Series of worlds, following Xara as she goes through her memories of her homeworld.


Strong Roots[]

When Xara had entered the illusory world of her trial, she was in the familiar area of her home town. However, as people began to materialize around her, she begun to receive jeers and vicious words directed at her. While the people seemed to believe that she was the cause of some kind of curse, and that she would be the reason that their world would come to ruin, Xara tried to protest. Trying to state that the darkness would come and swallow them whole, the people believed the girl herself to be the cause of this and were primed to take her to be judged by their world's council. Not wanting to be caught by them, the girl immediately started to run away from them.

Making her way through her home city as best she could, she eventually stumbled upon a familiar place to her; a botanical garden. Walking through it, the girl admired all the flowers and trees around, remembering her words with her master of old. Eventually, Xara happened upon an old willow tree, one with a large opening within it and walked through it. As she walked through the strange tree cave, and what lie beneath it, she saw the form of her old master before her. While overjoyed at the sight, she was soon reminded that this was all just a manifestation of her memories, and that the man before her wasn't actually real.

However, her master managing her that there was work to be done, he got her to focus. Attempting to give strength to her foundation, telling her that a tree with strong and deep roots shall never be torn asunder, he began to question her. Asking about her goals, her fears and what was most important to her. To these, Xara realized the importance that having and making friends meant to her, and that she would do everything in her power to not lose a one. When she had come to this resolved conclusion, she was gifted with her new keyblade, and thus her trial was finished.