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Chapter 44 of SOS. This is part of the Homeworld Series of worlds, following Kel as he goes through his memories of his homeworld.


Implied Understanding []

As Kel had passed through the door in the castle, he was somewhat stunned at the sight of his homeworld. Wondering just what it was that he needed to go and do, Kel's attention was soon drawn towards a rustling cluster of leaves in a nearby tree. Curious as to what it was, the boy walked over to it, only to have a branch from the tree and have a large man fall from it, on top of him. Shocked to see that what had fallen on him was Tarzan, the two merely looked at each other in confusion for a bit.

After getting over the shock, the two then started to walk towards Kel's hometown. Once they had entered, Kel wondered what it was he was supposed to do. He also wondered how it was that no one seemed to pay attention to the both rowdy and confused Tarzan, who had been incoherently grunting the whole time, until he finally heard a familiar sound. The sound of two wooden swords clashing against each other.

Tarzan seemed to have some sort of reaction to this, and seemed to go towards the noise. When Kel had attempted to stop him, it was then that the boy was spotted by a familiar figure to the boy. Getting called out to by his father, Kel seemed to be quite nervous as the man called the boy out to the sparring area. Walking towards it, the man then revealed that he was going to be part of a show match between the two of them, and as such, there had been a rather sizable crowd that gathered around the two.

The fight was over in an instant as Kel's father had managed to knock him down in a single swift blow. As Kel felt like giving up, the encouragement from some random people and Tarzan, all of whom were apparently the boy's closest friends got him to stand back up and fight. It is then implied that some fight happened that Kel lost, but he learned some valuable lesson or something and it was all worth it. He also got bit somewhere along the way. You had to be there.