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The 34th Chapter of SOS. This is part of the Homeworld Series of worlds, following Karina as she goes through her memories of her homeworld.


A Stone's Throw[]

When Karina had stepped through the door, she found herself on the outskirts of her home town. Trying to resolve herself to go face her past, she was soon met with the sight of her brother, Eric. Worried for her, the man told her to come with him and go back to helping their mother before their father got angry. Sheepishly about to follow him, this exchange was interrupted as Vincent Valentine, pretty boy vampire extraordinaire, appeared between the two. While the two were quite confused as to what he was doing there, Vincent tried to get Eric to stop trying to force Karina along.

As the two started bickering, Vincent eventually told Karina to make a choice based on what she wanted to do. And so, she decided to not follow after Eric. The brother scoffing at her, left saying that she would have to hell to pay from her father. Unsure of what to do, Vincent asked if she was going to run, to which Karina proclaimed she had no choice but to do so. When Vincent asked if she could fight instead, she continued to insist that she was a powerless being, but at Vincent's behest went into town anyway.

As she walked into the town, she was glared at with hating eyes, people baffled that a woman was dressed as boyishly as her and was out on her own. When she had finally ran into her father, he merely tossed her to the ground and began yelling at her. Disappointed with her and fed up with Karina's existence in general, her father, a man of great military and political standing, ordered for her public execution. From there, the girl was stripped of her clothing and began being pelted by stones.

Soon, Vincent stepped in to help Karina and convince her to stand up and fight. She, however, could do no such thing. Vincent, powerless to actually fight in this illusory world, eventually fell at the hand of her father, and all Karina could do was sit back and be pelted by stones while this was going on. Eventually, however, the world around her faded, the illusion ended and the trial failed.