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Chapter 45 of SOS. This is part of the Homeworld Series of worlds, following D'daear as he goes through his memories of his homeworld.


Stuff Happens[]

As the world starts out, D'daear is presented merely with a vision of starlit night. There in some field, his mother gave birth to him, and once the ordeal was done, she merely cradled the child. Then the scene around him changes.

When next D'daear looks around, he is in the middle of a battlefield between two warring sides. Trying to avoid the slaughter by both sides, the boy starts to run until he sees another scene unfolding. Two warriors fighting against a woman in a suit made of what appeared to be dark muscle fibers, wearing a mask. The two warriors tried their best to defeat this woman, but ultimately with her power of darkness and the keyblade she wielded, she managed to defeat the two of them. As D'daear looked at the keyblade wielder, he realized that she was none other than his long time friend or his grandma, I'm not sure which, Delothia.

The scene immediately shifts to Delothia having been freed from her dark prison and telling D'daear about how she had her darkness grow out of control. After that happened, she was possessed by some being and was forced to fight for him against her will. While she lamented her lack of self identity she professes to D'daear that this issue has been eating away at her.

The scene then immediately shifts to D'daear speaking with Oswald. The purple haired boy informs the rabbit that he came to the conclusion that protecting those he cared about, even at his own expense, was what he cared about. In order to achieve this, he wanted to gain power, no matter the means or consequences it might have carried along with it. So long as it was enough to protect those he cared about, it didn't matter. When asked about his fears, D'daear confessed that what scared him most was not knowing how to deal or handle unexpected situations that might present themselves in the future. With his new found resolution, an older Delothia tells him to be on his way and claim his future, to which D'daear thanks his Grandma and leaves the world.