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A Summon is a special character that can be magically called on to aid Players. They are usually obtained by allied characters from different worlds, or by other means. Like Magic, Summons require MP to be brought into battle.

A summon comes in 2 types; Auto and Controlled. Auto Summons are designed to automatically fulfill their specialties and act on their own. Once the player summons it, The summon fulfills it's effect for a set duration before disappearing.Some have HP and powerful abilities, but they are seperate from the player. Controlled Summons give the option for the summoner to select one of the Summon's abilities after each turn. These summons can be ridden, but once their HP depletes, the vanish from battle.

A summon can only be summoned ONCE per battle. This means once they are dismissed, No one can bring it back for the rest of the battle.

List of World Summons[]

Summon Description Abilities

Bambi (Summoncard)-0.png


"The Great Prince, and protector of the Forest. Has the ability to restore MP to allies."

  • Cost: 3MP
  • Duration: 3 Cycles
  • Obtained in The Great Forest or by purchasing the "Twitterpated" Keyblade.
  • Type: Auto

Prance: Restores MP to party members every cycle. Amount of MP restored depends on the amount of the player's overall MP.

  • User has 1-15MP = 1MP restored.
  • User has 16MP+ = 2MP restored.

Prince of the Forest: Bambi gives a +100% buff to Earth commands. (Passive ability)

FG (Summoncard).png

Fairy Godmother

"'A kindhearted fairy who appears only to those who believe in their dreams."

  • Cost: 5MP
  • Duration: 3 Cycles
  • Obtained in Castle of Dreams or by obtaining the "Stroke of Midnight" Keyblade.
  • Type: Controlled

Bibbidy-Bobbidy-Boo!: Fairy Godmother activates a player's Aura.

Recall: Fairy godmother restore's a previously summoned spirit and allows them to be called back onto the field. (Bring back a summon)

CC (Summoncard).png

Cheshire Cat

"A mysterious, grinning cat who talks in riddles and can appear and disappear at will. He loves to mislead and confuse, being a very difficult summon to co-operate. He inflicts random effects based of Wonderland Denizens."

  • Cost: 3MP
  • Duration: 3 cycles
  • Obtained in Wonderland or by obtaining the "Lady Luck" Keyblade.
  • Type: Auto

Queen of Hearts: Off with his head! Every attack against the target of choice will be critical for 1 cycle.

White Rabbit: I'm Late! The target of choice will be stopped for 1 turn.

Mad Hatter: Merry Unbirthday! The target of choice will deal critical damage on their next turn.

March Hare: Change the Subject. The target of choice receives all the opponent's attacks for 1 cycle.

I'm Odd: Cheshire Cat gives a +100% buff to Space commands. (Passive ability)

Mushu (Summoncard)-2.png


"One of the guardian spirits of an ancient clan. He was banished by the other guardians because of his foolish ways. Though small, he has the power of a great dragon."

  • Cost: 4MP
  • Duration: 3 Cycles
  • Obtained in Land of Dragons or by obtaining the "Hidden Dragon" Keyblade.
  • Type: Auto

Spitfire: Mushu unleashes a barrage of fireballs over time that damages the opponent for 3 cycles. (200 Flat Fire Damage. 20 hits to one target.)

Red Meteor: On the last turn, Mushu will unleash a more explosive version of Spitfure. (Dealing 1,000 FLAT Fire Damage, 50 hits divided among 10 targets)

Lucky Cricket: Mushu's Lucky bug gives the party a 25% Luck increase!

Dragon Lighter: Mushu gives a +100% buff to Space commands. (Passive ability)

Maximus (Summoncard).png


"Though viewed as just another horse, Maximus is actually far more fierce and efficient than any soldier. The player rides Maximus, with Pascal providing some minor support. The player can only execute long ranged attacks while riding Maximus."

  • Cost: 5MP
  • Duration: 3 Cycles
  • Obtained in Corona or by obtaining the "Ever After" Keyblade.
  • Type: Controlled
  • +100 HP

MAX Combo: Maximus adds +150% damage to combos.

Counter: After attacked, Maximus offers the player a counterattack. (Scales off the player's Combo)

Determination: The player can continue to damage the enemy regardless of HP halt.

Pascal Alarm: Pascal awakens the player from any sleep, paralyzed, or knocked out status by flinging his tongue into their ears. Gross.

Captain of the guard: Maximus gives a +100% buff to Blade commands. (Passive ability)

Baymax (Summoncard).png


"Baymax cares. That's what he was designed to do. The adorable, plus-sized inflatable robot's job title is technically Healthcare Companion. But to the inventor's kid brother Hiro, he's a hero. His reprogramming includes a rocket fist, super strength and rocket thrusters that allow him to fly."

  • Cost: 6MP
  • Duration: 3 Cycles
  • Obtained in San Fransokyo or by obtaining the "Companion" Keyblade.
  • Type: Controlled
  • +150 HP

Baymax Combo: Baymax has been reprogrammed to knows all your sick combo moves! (Scales off the player's combo)

Rocket Fist: Baymax fires a long range Fist canon at the opponent. (300 FLAT Damage, 3 hits)

Scan: Baymax scans the opponent for any elemental weaknesses

Healthcare: Baymax heals 50% HP.

Flight: Increases dodge rate by 20%.


Experiment 221

"An alien created by Dr. Jumba through genetic experimentation. His body stores an electric charge which he can use to shocking effect when threatened."

  • Cost: 3MP
  • Duration: 3 Cycles
  • Obtained in Ohana Island or by obtaining the "Hyperdrive" Keyblade.
  • Type: Auto

Conductor: Sparky absorbs all electrical attacks and fires them back at the enemy on his last turn with a Critical hit!

Resurrection: Sparky shocks the player into reviving back from being knocked out. This ability will only work once per player.

Electrical Surge: Sparky gives a +100% buff to Thunder commands. (Passive ability)



"An enchanted snow-monster created to serve as the Snow Queen's bodyguard, he now follows you."

  • Cost: 5MP
  • Duration: 3 Cycles
  • Obtained in Arendelle or by obtaining the "Diamond Dust" Keyblade.
  • Type: Auto
  • +300 HP

Blizzard Breath: Marshemellow casts a powerful ice spell from his mouth to hit all enemies (300 FLAT Ice Damage to all enemies. 5 hits to all targets)

Bodyguard: Marshmallow stand in front of another player and protects.

Icicle Spikes: Marshmallow gives a +100% buff to Ice commands. (Passive ability)



"Maui; Shapeshifter, Demigod of the wind and sea, Hero of men and women!"

  • Cost: 5MP
  • Duration: 3 Cycles
  • Obtained in Beyond the Reef or by obtaining the "Ocean's Call" Keyblade.
  • Type: Auto
  • +150 HP

Shark Bite: Maui transforms into a shark and bites a target, dealing water damage. (400 FLAT Water Damage, 1 hit)

Giant Hawk: Maui transforms into a Giant Hawk and summons gusts of wind, dealing wind damage to a target. (300 FLAT wind damage, 5 enemies, 3 hits)

Demigod of the seas: Maui gives a +100% buff to Water commands. (Passive ability)



"The little pixie of Neverland. She's Peter Pan's loyal partner, but she has a short fuse, and she's very jealous of any girl who gets near Peter. With a little of her pixie dust, you can fly... if you believe."

  • Cost: 4MP
  • Duration: 3 Cycles
  • Obtained in Neverland or by obtaining the "Pixie Petal" Keyblade.
  • Type: Auto

Faith: At the start of every player's turn, Tinkerbell heals the player for 15 HP.

Trust: If the player only has 1 HP remaining, Tinkerbell will heal them for 50 HP automatically.

Pixie Dust: The player can be airborne or grounded at will.

Timeless: Tinkerbell gives a +100% buff to Time commands. (Passive ability)


"A Magnificent horse with the brains of a bird. Pegasus is loyal and steadfast. The steed of Hercules swears his allegiance to you after helping Mt. Olympus."

  • Cost: 5MP
  • Duration: 3 cycles
  • Obtained in Olympus Coliseum or by obtaining the "Hero's Crest" Keyblade.
  • Type: Controlled

High Flier: The player cannot be harmed by melee commands while riding Pegasus

Winged Horse: Pegasus gives a +100% buff to Time commands. (Passive ability)



"Jack Skellington's ghost dog. He comes out of his grave whenever the party calls. He knows a few tricks that really help in battle."

  • Cost: 3MP
  • Duration: 3 Cycles
  • Obtained in Halloweentown or by purchasing the "Pumpkinhead" Keyblade.
  • Type: Controlled

Fetch: Zero goes to fetch a random item for the user.

Roll Over: Zero dives underground and sprouts forth HP orbs for any player. (Heals between 30-80 HP)

Speak: Zero barks and cheers the party on. Increase all MAG and STR skill commands for the party by +50%

Play Dead: Zero gives a +100% buff to Darkness commands. (Passive ability)