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Statistics chart as seen in the SOS Guild Hall

Statistics or Stats are the different parameters used in the Kingdom Hearts series to show a character's strengths

Starting stats depend on the path chosen and sacrificed in Dive to the Heart. After this, players are able to distribute stats at they level up creating their own character's strengths. The Chart to view each character's stats can be viewed in the SOS Guild Hall thread on the forums.

Types of Stats[]

  • Hit Points - Hit Points or commonly referred to as HP is the health of a character. When this hits Zero the character is incapacitated. Certain abilities allow the character to revive after a period of time when their HP hits zero, as well as the Phoenix Down item. If all characters hit 0 HP, this results in a failed mission causing the players to try again.
  • Magic Power - Magic Power or "MP" is used for spells, Magical Skill Commands, and Summons. All magic related abilities, magic sharing abilities, as well as other magical tactics require MP.
  • Command Gauge: The command gauge or "CG" is used for an array of special battle tactics. It is awarded at level 10 and the maximum capacity increases by 10% every time you level. It reaches it's maximum of 300% at level 30. Each physical hit from attacking adds 5% to the gauge unless stated otherwise.
  • Strength - Also known as the Attack stat, is the attack power of a character. The stat by itself is necessary for basic physical attacks as well as Physical Skill Commands.
  • Speed - The Speed stat measures the attacking order for both players and enemies. This stat can be reduced in battle by Stop-styled attacks and grant the player greater evasion. At 50 Speed, the player gains another turn.
  • Defense - The ability to sustain damage. The Defense stat help lessen damage before the opposing attack hits your HP. This stat can be temporarily increased even further with basic Aero Magic.
  • Magic - The Spell variation of the Strength Stat, Magic is the base power for all spells and Magic Skill Commands. This stat boosts ability and magical strength.
  • Resistance - The ability to evade or sustain magical damage. The Resistance stat helps lessen damage before the opposing magical attack hits your HP.
  • AP - Ability points are used to equip abilities and limits to players. This is naturally increased every 3 levels and every 10th level.

Increasing Stats[]

Unlike previous Kingdom Hearts titles, players are able to allocate their own points as well as having them increase slightly at every 10th level. (Skill point system was removed in September 2016) Every time a player completes missions, they receive 1 or more crowns. These crowns can be spent on buying individual stats. Crowns are viewed as currency for extra stat power. Crowns are also granted with each level up.Crown price for each stat increases once you've hit a set base amount. 10 Crowns are awarded every level up.

Stat Boost 1-49 50-99
+1 AP 10 Crowns 20 Crowns
+1 Strength 10 Crowns 30 Crowns
+1 Speed 10 Crowns 30 Crowns
+1 Defense 10 Crowns 30 Crowns
+1 Magic 10 Crowns 30 Crowns
+1 Resistance 10 Crowns 30 Crowns
HP 1-50 51-100 101+
+1 HP 10 Crowns 15 Crowns 20 Crowns
MP Crown Cost
+1 MP 50 Crowns