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(All 21 Princesses of Heart)

The Princesses of Heart are maidens with hearts of pure light, devoid of darkness. Their hearts are seven out of twenty pieces of the χ-blade. They appear to be the only people in the universe whose hearts are born naturally free of darkness. Though not all are actual princesses, the Seven Princesses are referred by that name as the one who brings all of them together can open the Door to Darkness and gain the power to reign over the worlds. Princesses who lose their hearts do not become Heartless because they have no darkness within them to trigger the process.

While there are only seven at any given time, the ripples in time have caused three different sets of princesses, causing a total of 21 Princesses to show up in the roleplay.

Canon List[]

  • Alice: A lost, curious girl found in Wonderland. She woke up from her dream, thus saving her from capture.
  • Aurora: A beautiful songbird found in Enchanted Dominion. She was rescued by Prince Phillip and taken onto Disney Station.,
  • Belle: An intelligent bookworm found in Beast's Castle. Captured by the Hellfire Club
  • Cinderella: A dreamer from Castle of Dreams. She was heavily defended by the SOS against Vanitas.
  • Jasmine: ????
  • Kairi: A right girl from Destiny Islands, she was found in Monstro and kept safe in Traverse Town.
  • Snow White: A sweet princess found in Dwarf Woodlands. She was captured by Aux for the Hellfire Club

List 2[]

  • Eilonwy: ????
  • Elsa: Queen of Ice and Arendelle. She passed on her princesshood to her sister after becoming Queen.
  • Kida: Warrior Queen of Atlantis. Her hidden world keeps her safe along with the guardians.
  • Luna: Master Keyblade wielder of Light and Protagonist in the SOS.
  • Merida: A fiesty archer who was taken aboard Disney Station.
  • Minnie: A bubbly princess from Disney Town. She was kidnapped by the Hellfire Club in the Part II Epiogue.
  • Pocahontas: The Chief's spiritual daughter from Native Grounds. She set sail to other worlds with John Smith.

List 3[]

  • Anna: Princess of Arendelle. Once her sister passed her princesshood to her, the Hellfire Club moved in and captured her.
  • Ariel: Mermaid from Atlantica. She was almost captured by Ursula. She remains safe under the Sea.
  • Moana: Islander from Beyond the Reef. She sails with her people across the worlds between.
  • Mulan: Savior of China in Land of Dragons. Nequa almost took her captive, but took the sword instead.
  • Rapunzel: Artistic shut-in from Corona. She was captured by Vanitas for the Hellfire Club.
  • Tiana: ????
  • Vanille: Saved by the Black Coats and escorted on their journey.