"We were doing okay - until the Thinner Disaster."

—Oswald to Mickey in the Wasteland

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Trolley Trouble (1927)



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Oswald is a Keyblade wielder and main protagonist in Mickey's Dream Team.


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Oswald is portrayed as being rough, spiteful, resentful, bitter, cold and short-tempered around anyone he doesn't trust. Being forgotten for over 80 years made him very cynical about his life, mainly due to how no one remembers him. Despite his older values, Oswald is pretty gifted technologically and is handy in hard-wiring most electrical devices. He has sympathy for others who suffer fates similar to his. He especially harbored a strong jealousy and hatred towards his "brother," whom he blamed for ruining his life. It takes someone with a strong will to earn his trust. Beneath his harsh and cold exterior, however, lies a saddened, miserable and hurt character who just wants to be loved again by the hearts of others.

Besides being rather grumpy, Oswald mirrors Mickey in many ways. He is quite mischievous, adventurous and never escapes trouble, but finds his way out through cunning and wit. He loves to play and make others laugh, but still has morals despite his flaws and always tries to do the right thing. He will attempt to do what's best for his family and friends, even if there are risks involved. Though he doesn't appear to be, Oswald can be quite friendly if he wants to. His love for Ortensia is just as strong as Mickey's love for Minnie.He is also deeply concerned for all his friends in his forgotten homeworld, valuing them above most of the characters outside his book.


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Oswald's skills revolved around Luck, and critically damaging maneuvers.

Ability MP Cost Damage Chance Description
Stomp 35MP 250% TEC + 50%a Stun Jumps high, and stomps on an enemy so hard, all adjecent enemies are damaged.
Lucky Foot 40MP None Luck Oswald rubs his lucky foot, doubling the party's luck for that turn.
Floppercopter 15MP None None Uses his ears to become airborne (Can damage airborne enemies normally)
Hardwired 35MP None None Oswald's handy remote control can control any minion on the field to attack it's allies.
Heads up! 50MP Varies Stun Oswald uses his handy remote to drop a falling item from the sky onto an enemy. The range and damage it deals is randomized.
  • 40% chance of an Anvil. (1x1) 200% POW
  • 25% chance of a Giant Safe. (2x2) 200% POW
  • 20% chance of a Piano. (2x3) 300% POW
  • 15% chance of a steamboat. (All) 500% POW