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Nequa is a Keyblade wielder and main Antagonist in Kingdom Hearts SOS. Her skills in magic are only bested by her wicked and deceitful intentions. Hr true identity is known as Queen Eliza. After being lost to the void, she went mad and developed the persona she has today.


Eliza Krowley was born as the rule to a world in the dark realm. She met Orion, a ruler in the realm of light and fell in love, the two becoming inseparable. After certain events transpired, she ended up in the void, with Orion chasing after her. She grew mad and became a danger to herself and anyone around her. To ensure she wouldn't hurt anyone, Orion volunteered to stay with her and make sure she couldnt escape the void.

Years later, DJ's father invented time belts that required no complex heart sacrifice to time travel. The time travel method came with a flaw however, and caused rifts in the void, breaking the barrier between the realm beyond and the realm of light. She used this as an opporunity to shed her mortal cast and take over the body of her former beloved, escaping the void. Sometime later she met Kurt Zisa and the two made a deal to exchange body hosts. Kurt offered her Rin's body to control and she in return gave him Orion's body. In an insane attempt to release chaos into the realm of light, she attempts to gather the 7 blades to unlock the void. She was contacted by No Heart and chose to help his plans to further her own.

She came into contact with Aux and offered him the Remnant in order for No Heart to gain his 3rd apprentice. One of her first orders of business was to find 3 worthy candidates as her champions of darkness. Vanitas and Aux were ordered to do the same. They were also asked to kidnap Eraqus' pupils, should extra host bodies ever be required...

Story - Road to Darkness[]

Chapter 0[]

Nequa, along with Aux and Vanitas are the masked assailants who kidnapped Terra, Ventus, and Aqua from the Land of Departure. For unknown reasons, they were instructed to leave Master Eraqus behind and only abduct the students. Before leaving, Nequa revealed to a paralyzed Eraqus that "Once this is ended, they would all be bowing to her."

Deep Jungle[]

Nequa's first appearance in the Deep Jungle doesn't come until fairly late in the world. She split the campsite into three separate zones and split the keyblade wielders into parties of three among the zones. She then spawned in three different Chameleon type heartless for the three parties to deal with.

After further toying with them, She then proceeded to trap the group in another barrier and summon the Sabor heartless, before taunting the protagonists and leaving once again.


Nequa first appears in Nottingham during the tournament event. She is seen alongside Prince John most of the time, not having much purpose in the world aside from taunting the party. As things escalate in the world's story, Nequa snaps and becomes visibly angered at the party, creating a barrier to stop them and summoning the Guard Armor Heartless. She ends her appearance in the world by telling Prince John to "grow a mane" and leaves through the dark corridor.

Dwarf Woodlands[]

Nequa's first appearance in the Dwarf Woodlands was at the end of the story, approaching Vanitas and Aux. When Vanitas said that she was back at the castle, he questioned why she wanted to know. Due to the Queen now being considered useless to them, she simply casts Dark Thundaza and killed her. Once Aux had fully secured the casket with Snow White inside, Nequa then leaves through a dark corridor.

Chapter 7[]

Nequa is walking next to Aux on his keyglider in a dark abyss type area with floating islands around. Aux begins the exchange between the two by wondering why their master had told them to leave early. Nequa then decides to ask Aux about what his motivation is after telling him that Vanitas's is to simply become whole and her goal and the master's is the same. After Aux gives his reply about wanting to study the heart, Nequa comments saying that he's one of those guys who simply doesn't see things as light and dark. When he responds to that question saying "precisely" Nequa then tells him that he should look at the team he's playing for, since things were about to get really dark really fast.

Chapter 12[]

Nequa is seen coming out of a corridor of darkness alongside Aux and a defeated Master Xehanort. When No Heart comments that the job took a long time to complete, Nequa simply remarks that Master Xehanort did not want to go down at all and that he is much tougher then he appears. After No Heart tells Aux and Vanitas to go and stuff Master Xehanort into the cryo-chamber, Nequa suddenly becomes extremely playful and asks if it was her time to play. When No Heart simply says that she can't play too rough, she joyfully runs into the corridor of darkness leaving the scene.

Land of Dragons[]

While the palace is under attack by Shan-Yu, Shang and his soldiers charge towards it to defend, Towards the end of the raid, she steal Mulan's sword and leaves without a trace.

Chapter 17[]

Nequa appears in this chapter completely separate from the other antagonists. A place described as one filled completely with darkness with nothing but a purple light emanating from the center of the room. Nequa then walked across the center and waved her hand, causing the light to trail forward and solidify into a pathway for her to cross. She then appeared before a white stone with ancient writing on it, only for her to draw out Faa Mulan's sword. She stabs the sword deep into the ancient stone. Nequa simply watched as a light sprung forth from the stone and caused a barrier to wrap around the sword. She claims there's still four more to find.


Nequa appeared towards the beginning of the world, after the group had left the town square that Excalibur had resided in. While the group was in Merlin's tower, she summoned Gilgamesh from the void and had asked him to pull out the sword from the stone. While he was trying desperately, the group eventually returned to the area to confront both her and the brute. After the fight, it was revealed to the group by Mizu that Nequa had stolen the sword of Honor and was in Camelot to take Excalibur. 

After Wart had pulled Excalibur from its stone, the party then engaged Nequa in a fight, only to be soundly thrashed. With Mizu stepping in to save them, the two fought for a bit before Nequa was able to make Mizu lose her cool and was able to beat her soundly as well. With Mizu defeated, she took Excalibur from Wart and made her exit from the world, with both the sword and an unconscious Mizu in tow. 

Chapter 21[]

While Aux questioned how she was the first to leave but last to come back, Nequa simply said that she wouldn't tell them where she was, but it was 40% done. When Aux started to get frustrated with her for kidnapping a member of The Order, she simply said that Mizu was there when she was and it was easier to get it done like that.

No Heart then appeared, telling her that he told her he'd take care of The Order on his own accord. No Heart quickly questioned whether her allegiance was still with him, only for her to state that she was what got him this far.

Central Haven[]

Nequa appeared in Central Haven unmasked as Rin. She lured Yue and Lea to follow her into the realm of darkness, making the conquering of Central Haven all the easier.

Part 1 Epilogue []

Nequa appeared in the "Witch's Brew" segment of the epilogue. Here she was shown sitting atop a throne made of discarded keyblades, speaking with a man named Delta. It was revealed that Nequa had been creating an organization of strong keyblade wielders of her own, to further her own, yet known, goals. She was shown to be rather uncaring about going ons of the keyblade wielding protagonists and the antics of No Heart. At the end, she simply asked what more could she ask for, feeling everything was going perfectly to her plan.

Story - Road to Dawn[]

The Red Society[]

Nequa found a plethora of candidates to be her champions of darkness. Too much in fact. She began ordering them to kill the others off until thirteen remained. They became the Red Society and carried out Nequa's orders. As her society members proved to be traitorous and untrustworthy, they began to be culled down further by the Black Coats. As Rin's body was becoming weaker from the magical strain, she prepared to tranfer her heart into Mizu. Being thwarted by the Black Coats, she left Mizu behind and fled, choosing to us Aqua as her new backup vessel during Operation Pandora. As she was ambushed by Yue and the black coats, She opened a spacial rift and sent Rin and Yue into the void, escaping with her other Red Society members in tow.

Story - Road to Light[]

Claiming the Final Swords[]

Nequa chooses to lay back and let the remaining members of the Red Society do their part. As the SOS left the realm of darkness, Nequa chose to have X-Ray and Luther intercept the SOS in Olympus Coliseum. She had them trade Hercules sword for his girlfriend; meg.


Unlike her Apprentice counterparts, Nequa has a sickly playful personality. Knowing far more than she lets on, she enjoys toying with the protagonist keybladers producing more questions than answers. She also has a serious side that lets loose if her opponents prove to be a big challenge.




Nequa is a slim, but shapely build. Her armor appears to be a combination of both leather and Metal. The main colors used in her design were Purple and Black. Her slim boots reach up to her knees and have spikes rising at the back of them. Her gloves are layered with tiny black carcass-looking cuffs. Her helmet is just a black base, surrounded by a spherical bright purple glow acting as a visor. Near her collar bone, three black spikes emerge on each side, followed by black skulls as Shoulder plates.


  • When coming up with a name for the character Nequa, latin words were used to transcribe her personality. In the end, her name is based of the word "Nequem," which is latin for "Wicked."
  • Her personality is loosely based off Larxene from Organization XIII.