"Well Gosh."

—Mickey every so often.

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Steamboat Willie (1928)



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Mickey is a Keyblade wielder and main protagonist in Mickey's Dream Team.


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Mickey often gets himself into trouble that varies in seriousness as a result of his mischief and the fact that he can be forgetful, but extremely imaginative. Even so, he can often think quickly enough to get himself out of a predicament before things get too out of hand, mostly because of his incredible imagination, persistence, and valiant ways.

Mickey sometimes chooses fun and adventure over working, a trait disliked by Minnie. While usually always having the better amount of luck, when teamed with his pals Donald and Goofy, he can accomplish anything. He also counts Pluto as his best pal and usually puts him before nearly everything else. Mickey describes himself as a good sport but on occasion has lost his temper on both enemies and friends. He is usually dumbstruck by the mere sight of Minnie Mouse, giving her many titles such as "his best girl" and constantly goes out of his way to impress her. Mickey loves her with all his heart and Minnie loves him in return. From experience, Mickey believes there is at least a small dose of kindness in everyone's heart, resulting in him being quite forgiving. He is also understanding and sympathetic.

Mickey is also incredibly brave, very competitive, stubborn, and never backs down from a challenge, even when his opponent is twice his size. In many situations, Mickey has shown to be a trickster and enjoys pranking his enemies to get the better of them. Despite being very heroic, Mickey prefers to be laid back and enjoys the serene moments of life above all. He is optimistic and hardworking during harsh times and often encourages his friends to keep going, but on rare events, has given up hope and even doubted himself. It's times like these when Mickey's friends, such as Donald and Goofy, are optimistic and encourage him in return. Mickey is also incredibly noble and generally puts the people he loves in front of his own well being. He has even been able to set aside differences with his foes when necessary, usually when it'll benefit the greater good.


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Mickey's skills revolved around keyblade combos and immobilization.

Ability MP Cost Damage Chance Description
Splatter 25MP 100% TEC Blind Stuns all enemies in the front row with a splatter of paint, chance for Blind status.
Star Burst 40MP 100% POW x5 None Mickey zaps between rows to deal damage to random targets.
Plane Crazy 25MP 200% POW Stun Mickey Zones in on a frontal specific target and spins the Keyblade around like a propeller. Enemies surrounding the target take half the damage.
FaithCharge 30MP 300% TEC None Releases 3 bullets of light at any enemy.
Short Stop 20MP N/A None Stops an enemy for 1 turn. Only works on bosses during HP Halt.