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Most of the time he’s quiet when everyone are off doing their own thing, but that doesn't mean he can have fun, being social or speak up for himself. Marx keeps to himself mostly, but can be around some members from time to time. He doesn't talk much about his mask or gauntlet much, but when he trusts someone enough, they are in for quite the surprise. Overall besides his slight silent act, he's real kind and generous and will go out of his way to protect those he cares about, whatever it takes.


After he is cured from his curse, he dawns a distinctive purple wolf mask with fangs at the bottom and top of the inside, it also has two scars over the dark yellow eyes, plus he has some scars on his skin clearly shown under his mask having short hair under the mask and hood, his hair has a blinding silver color.. Along with a pair of horns attached to the top of the mask, he has a hood with blue fur and purple ears, the rest of the hood cape is dark grey with holes and rips everywhere, except the epicenter of the cape which has two symbols in gold: 曛狼 - which stands for “Twilight Wolf”. He also has a crimson jacket with a small emblem on the left side, pockets at the bottom and small rips here and there, plus a purple shirt with a rip on his right side and cyan fingerless glove, then a clear silver crystal on a black thread necklace around him. And to add; he has a gold, blue and bronze shoulder to wrist gauntlet, with a gear on top of the hand area, with a bronze pad on his shoulder. Last he has a brown belt around his olive green pants with some purple, crimson and blue colored shoes with silver spikes on the heels. He will not take his gauntlet or mask of until he trusts those enough.


Leveling Up[]

Job Abilities[]

Growth & Event Abilities[]


Jobs Available (10 AP)[]

  • Black Mage




  • Thunder - Thundara - Thundaga
  • Ballon - Balloonra



  • Maui


  • Earth - Lvl 2



  • Lunar Wolf (Main Keyblade)



  • Phoenix Down
  • Ballon Letter
  • Elixir
  • Mega Ether
  • Hi-Potion
  • Ultra Potion