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An example of Cloud, preparing to use the "Omni-Slash" limit

Limits are powerful combat moves featured in several Final Fantasy titles. They are often among the most damaging moves at a player's disposal, typically allowing them to unleash the full power of their overall stats. Initially, Players are awarded 3 main limits that coincide with their chosen Paths. The first at level 10, the second at level 25, and the third at level 50. To perform each limit, players must fill the Command Gauge a certain percentage before performing the limit. After each limit, no matter the cost, the command gauge reverts back to 0%.

Path Limits[]

Damage for the level 10 limits are calculated by adding up the Strength, Speed, Defense, Magic, and Resistance of the character. Damage for the Level 50 Limits deal 999 Damage always.

Limit CG Description Obtained at
Warrior Wrath 100% With a powered up keyblade, deal a Multi-hit combo to the target. (3AP) (Ground Only) Level 10
Warrior Plus 300% All party members gain an increase of 5 hits and 100% damage to all combos. (4AP) Level 25
Ars Arcanum 300% Unleashes a barrage of 13 critical strikes that hit all enemies. (5 AP) Level 50
Hunter Strike 100% At high speed, dash quickly through multiple foes (Max. 3) (3AP) (Air or Ground Targets) Level 10
Hunter Mist 300% The Hunter unleashes a mist that increases the party's evasion by 75% for 2 cycles. (4AP) Level 25
Vector to the Heavens 300% The user performs endless uppercuts into the clouds before smashing the target down to Earth.. (5 AP) Level 50
Guardian Rush 100% Gain momentum and perform a powerful sonic charge. (3AP)
(Ground Only)
Level 10
Guardian Wall 300% The Guardian summons a wall that absorbs 250 points of damage.[Defense scales on the payer's stat] (4AP) Level 25
Ultima Cannon 300% Transforms the Keyblade into a large cannon that launches large spheres of pure energy at the opponent. (5AP) Level 50
Mystic Flight 100% Glide through the air, and deal a swift, magical blow to the enemy. (3AP) (Air Only) Level 10
Mystic Aura 300% The Mystic summons a veil of magical energy. All players' MP and HP bars are refilled. Magic commands increased by 100%. (4 AP) Level 25
Final Ragnarok 300% Gather a large amount of light energy, and launch them as multiple salvos of rainbow colored projectiles (5 AP) Level 50
Royal Command 100% A powerful burst of light shoots from the tip of your blade. Level 10
Royal Blessing 300% All party members gain a bonus to Strength and Magic commands based off the keyblade. (4AP) Level 25
Royal Barrag 300% Fires all your kayblades in a torrent towards all enemies. (5 AP) Level 50

Group Limit BREAKs[]

Group Limits can only be activated once per battle.*

Limit CG Description Obtained in
All for One 500% The player unleashes a powerful slash, carrying with it all the power of their friends. Damage dealt is based on your total friendship level multiplied by 20. Country of the Musketeers
Get'em! 500% A good old fashioned beat down, allows participating players in the boss battle, to jump into a smoke filled brawl and rush in for an all out attack! Players post as many times as they can for 24 hours. Each post deals 40 damage. (Caps at 100 Posts) Timeless River
Symphonia 500% An orchestral limit that requires teamwork to pull off successfully. A pattern of instruments is made to initiate the limit. The party members must post themselves playing all 30 instruments in 24 Hours flat to unleash the limit's full potential of 4,000 Magic Damage! Symphony of Sorcery

Special Limit BREAKs[]

Special limits can only be activated ONCE per battle*

Limit CG Description Obtained through
Trip around the Sun 365% The Limit harnesses a year's worth of sun power and bursts onto the enemy in a blazing ball of fire. Always deals 365 Damage for every year you've been in SOS. (5AP) Anniversary Event
Trinity Limit 999% A limit that requires three players to execute. An ancient mystical rune appears beneath the players. The players raise their keyblades into a glowing sphere of light that damages the opposition with an explosion of light. The strength of the limit drains the CG opf the group limit bar. (5AP) [Damage = 10,000] The Mark of Mastery Exam

Fusion Limits[]

Level 1 - Dual Combos[]

Level 1 Fusion Limits are a synchronized combo between two players in the party. It costs no AP to equip and the players must have a mutual Friendship Level of 5. They require vocal indicators to unleash with each indicator being less than 5 words. These limits became available after the first part of the Mark of Mastery Exam and always deal 500 Damage.

Players CG Vocal Indicators
Beuce and Kaida 100% Kaida: "Let's whip 'em out!"

Beuce: "No wait! I'm too young!"

Kel and Aislinn 100% Kel: "I can handle this."

Aislinn: "You're pretty good for a kid."

Aislinn and Kaida 100% Kaida: "Let's Hula!"

Aislinn: "Not Again!"

Stratos and Beuce 100% Stratos: *Runs ahead* "Ready to go?"

Beuce: "When did you...- Ready.

Steel and Beuce 100% Steel: "Neat arm"

Beuce: "Thanks. Cool Eye."

Kel and Luna 100% Kel: "I hope your ready for this"

Luna:"For now its our turn"

Kel and Karina 100% Kel: "You know I am still Stronger right?

Karina: "Oh not a chance."

Luna and Karina 100% Karina: I have got to protect my friends

Luna: Wait, we're friends?!

Aux and Karina 100% Karina: "Try and keep up."

Aux: "Ladies First"

Beuce and Karina 100% Beuce: "Are you sure you can keep up?"

Karina: "You aren't the only master here anymore."

Level 2 - Spirit Animal[]

Level 2 Fusion Limits are a manifested spirit animal that represent both players. It costs no AP to equip and the players must have a mutual Friendship Level of 7. They require vocal indicators to unleash with each indicator being less than 5 words. This limit becomes available once completing the Mark of Mastery Exam. This Limit does anywhere between 700 and 1,000 Damage. You must use the Level 1 limit before activating Level 2.

Name Limit Players CG Vocal Indicators
Winds of Fate Winged Serpent Stratos and Beuce 200% Stratos: "Never look back."

Beuce: "And always forward."

World goes Blind Glass Chimera Steel and Beuce 200% Steel: "An arm for an arm"

Beuce: "An eye for an eye"

Wings of Artemis Celestial Wyvern  Kel and Luna 200% Kel: "With this, I'll finish it"

Luna: "Artemis guide us to victory"

Bellerophon Razor Lazer Pegasus Kaida and Beuce 200% Kaida: "You thinking what I'm thinking?"

Beuce: "Sandwiches!"

Wings of Fire Phoenix Kel and Karina 200% Kel: "I've got this one."

Karina: "I won't let you hog all the glory."

Beauty in Darkness Black Swan Karina and Luna 200% Karina: "Lets go Princess"

Luna: "Time to Light the way"

Breaking the Labyrinth Minotaur Karina and Aux 200% Karina: "Mess with the bull..."

Aux: " get the horns."

Level 3 - Perfect Harmony[]

Level 3 Fusion Limits are a twinned technique that allow both players to summon half of an enormous, filigreed Keyblade, which they combine to perform several powerful elemental slashes.. It costs no AP to equip and the players must have a mutual Friendship Level of 10. They require vocal indicators to unleash with each indicator being less than 7 words. This limit becomes available once completing the Reaper's Game. This Limit does 3,000 Damage split among 2 different elements. You must use the Level 2 limit before activating Level 3.

Name Elements Players CG Vocal Indicators
Zodiacal Light Time and Light Kaida and Beuce 300% Kaida: "For those we've lost and left behind!"

Beuce: "For those we'll find and save tomorrow!"

FrostFire Surge Fire and Ice Kel and Karina 300% Kel: "Think you've gotten strong enough?"

Karina: "Not even close."

Beuce and Karina 300% Beuce:


Light and Darkness Beuce and Stratos 300% Stratos:


Aegis Arrow Ice and Light Kel and Luna 300% Kel: "They're all lined up for ya."

Luna: "Apollo! Artemis! Let your bright light rain!!"