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Karina is a Keyblade wielder, a protagonist in Kingdom Hearts SOS.


Karina comes from a small town called Black Creek. This town is very traditional in that the people believe things should be done a certain way and should not change. One of the traditions or ideals that this town has is that girls should be educated but they should stay at home to cook and clean. They do not work and they definitely do not fight. Karina discovered at age 10 that she had the ability to wield a keyblade but hid it from her family; they would never allow her to train or fight and would attempt to take it away. For years she would train in secret to perfect her skills. She would go straight from school to an area in the woods that she liked to train in.  When the letter came requesting help from a keyblade wielder she wanted to go, put her skills to use. After a week of arguing and pleading she finally decided to just run away, go help on her own. She knew that by doing this she may never be accepted back home again.

But at this point Karina no longer cared, her attitude toward the traditions of the town made her an outcast in her village. She didn't approve of the traditions nor did she want any part of them, but she wasn't given much of a choice. When her parents weren't around her older brother was charged with keeping a close eye on her. He knew what she was doing after school but with some bagging and some bribing she got him to keep it a secret even though he still didn't approve. Day after day she would go into the woods and train, but never got much better. During that time her brother would go off to practice his music or something that he wasn't suppose to do in the house because it was too noisy. They got away with this for a good couple years before her parents discovered what they were doing. Her older brother lied about his role and claimed she made him go along with it. And because in her society the males had a far greater rank then the girl he was believed over Karina's story. Enraged Karina's father beat her then locked her in her room, forbidding her from returning to school. She knew that with her father knowing all this she would not be able to have a life outside of her house. She would never be permitted to marry, not like she wanted to anyways since all marriages where arranged. And she wouldn't be able to train anymore. She was destined to spend her life living with her parents at home, cooking and cleaning for them like some sort of slave. Time and time again she would mess up on a task she was doing and her father would beat her. By the time the letter arrive she was covered in scars and desperate to get out. But leaving meant that if she came back she would only be beaten more or worse.

There was actually a point in everything that her father did attempt to arrange a marriage for Karina, whether he just wanted her out of his sight or he felt it the right thing to do no one really knew but Karina declined the marriage and refused it, something that woman did not have the right to do. This didn't really come as a surprise to her family but if seemed like dishonor in their eyes. The only one who would ever stand up for Karina was her brother Eric. On more then one occasion he would take the punishments for Karina. Time and time again she had to be saved from her fathers wrath. As the head of the army he was very prideful and always wanted things to be perfect and example for everyone else, but with a daughter who refused to follow orders it was hard so he had to be more strict. By the time Karina left her home she wanted more then anything to prove that she even as a female could actually do something useful, prove she could fight. But she knew he would never see that. She couldn't return home, on top of running away she stole some basic supplies to keep her going. She was a thief, and she disobeyed her father on top of dishonoring her family. Chances where that her father would resort to more extreme punishment... death. She had pushed it to the point now that her father was allowed to do it too, well she had when she declined her husband but this was too over the top to excuse now. She would never be returning home now, never get to see her brother again either. Though a tough thing to think about she knew that it was what she had to do, leave and never return. 


Part 1[]

Karina arrived to meet with the SoS group when they were in Dwarf Woodlands. She decided that she could hide with them after running away from home and a fate that she did not want to face. Upon first meeting the group, things did not go well for Karina, quickly she got in a fight with one of the members Luna. Despite this she decided to stick around, just trailing them and pretending to care to help them where she could. This did not go well however as their only real goal, to protect Snow White failed when all three of the apprentices showed up and took Snow White, leaving Karina more bitter than when she first arrived.

Sticking around the group more, Karina followed several other members to another world, the Outback, where she met a woman named Fang. Through the journey there Karina lost the two companions that she traveled there with, but gained back one, a young girl named Flora. As they finished up at that world, both Karina and Flora were brought to a grand ball, where Karina stayed behind with some of the strongest fighters to deal with unversed summoned by Vanitas

From there Karina traveled to Land of Dragons where she was forced to watch what she dreamed that her life would be like. A daughter who wanted to fight that in the end was rewarded for her efforts instead of punished and forced to run for the crime of wanting to be something other than what her father declared for her to be. Here was also Karina's second run in with Nequa, thankfully it was not another failure this time.

Arriving back at the Land of Departure, they had the first down time in a while and that is when Karina had the first fight of many between Karina and Ananta, meanwhile Eon was trying to get with Karina, despite the fact he was 12 and she was 17. After Ananta tried to bite her in the sparring match, it was the start to a lasting dislike of each other.

The next world didn't go much better than the Outback. Eon and Kross managed to stick around but the progress was slow and their biggest boon was an attractive, but mysterious man in a red cloak named Vincent. Karina found herself quite interested in the strange man and tried to befriend him. Meanwhile they came across another stranger not from that world, Eclipse who warned them to not interfere with other worlds affairs. That didn't stop Aux from interfering and kicking everyone's butts. That included Krowley, who lost his mask and was given a real name, Hikaru.

Upon arriving back with everyone, they moved to a new place called Central Haven, which didn't last long before this home was attacked by the Nequa. They had barely got to talk to the council before the Nequa showed up and started the attack of 1000 heartless. The battle was long and fierce, with Karina ending up taking a hit and passing out. When she came to again, Beuce was carrying her but missing an arm. Karina blamed herself for his missing arm, thinking she was still not strong enough to be of any use to anyone. Beuce however didn't think of it that way.

Running through a portal to get away from the battle while Saiza held back the heartless that were still coming, the group found themselves in a large tower with a man turned to stone. Karina however found herself not caring about the urgency of the situation at hand, but instead pitying herself and despite taking out a large portion of the heartless in the last battle, believing herself useless. When they passed through another portal into Disneytown, Beuce took Karina aside offering her new clothes, and some comfort, which Karina gladly took. It was the nicest anyone had been to her in a long while and Karina found it refreshing. Soon though it was time to move on and they found themselves in a strange land of music and magic.

The positivity Karina found from Beuce didn't last long, as Glen came into the world, yelling at Karina and blaming her for those who didn't make it out of the battle of a thousand heartless. He believed that she shouldn't be there and told her to go home. That was when Karina snapped again, yelling at Glen that she couldn't go home because her father would kill her, then proceeded to try and drown Glen. It took a while to calm both of them down, but when the rest managed to, they proceeded through the musical world, collecting music to help them escape. Soon with the help of the sorcerer of that tower, they made it back to Disney town where they were about to walk into a situation no one was prepared for.

They saw a tall hooded man that they needed to chase down. Trying ti figure out more about the situation, Karina tried to talk to the man, being slightly flirty while doing it, the problem was, it was not a man, but a giant mouse named Mortimer. Talking soon went out the window as Karina was prepared to murder the mouse that kissed her. However there was a situation with Mickey and a monster that took their attention, as the monster and Mickey had switched brains and they were trying to keep everyone safe. While they managed to figure out that situation, Mortimer was working on another plan, one that had them sucked into a book, leaving Karina even more pissed about the oversized Rat.

Inside the world of a book the group took on a new form, a way to manipulate ink. They had to fight there way through the realm of a book with the help of a rabbit named Oswald. The group ended up having to split off, most fighting off smaller blots while Karina was able to prove her strength once again but being one of few the group decided to send to deal with the larger blot enemy, and Mortimer, who had been wielding a false keyblade given to him by Maleficent. They weren't able to completely deal with Mortimer though as the festival in Disney town starting meant enough people remembered the group to expel them from the book they were trapped in.

There was no time for celebration however, as the celebration was taken over by one called Mizarabel. While Karina and the rest were ready to fight her, they all found themselves weakened and anyone who tried to help were frozen in place. The group decided that the cornerstone of light might have been in trouble, so they fled to go find that. Upon reaching it, a white cloaked man stood before them. He seemed to be holding the Cornerstone and gave them a cryptic message before leaving, as the world began to fall to darkness. The group however didn't have to wait for that to happen, as Aux appeared to help them, tossing everyone into the dark swirling mass of darkness in the sky.

Part 2[]

Coming to in the Realm of Darkness, Karina started to wander aimlessly and hopelessly before she met up with Steel. After the utter defeat Karina was left a little broken and wasn't prepared to deal with the poetic bullcrap that Steel sent her way. While in the end he tried to insinuate that they were the same, Karina wasn't able to get past the way that he said it, which lead to them having a serious fight. While Karina tried to beat the crap out of Steel, Steel found himself laughing manically about it. After they got over their little fit, the two actually found themselves able to cooperate long enough to follow the path towards a light in the distance, where a castle stood.

Upon arrival they found themselves met with the one called Dreamer, who informed them, if they wanted to get out and keep going, then they would have to fight for it. They would need to walk through the doors before them and face what was on the other side. This task was not so easy for Karina though. On the other side she found her home world, the exact place she had been spending so much time running from. Vincent, the man she met back in Beasts Castle was there waiting with her, prepared to help her face her father, but it was something Karina could not do. She tried to walk into town and face her father head on, but as soon as her father called for her execution, Karina couldn't help but feel weak. No amount of Vincent's encouragement could get her to stand up to her father as he stripped her and prepared to stone her in the streets. Vincent still fought to protect her, which only lead to his death, meanwhile she was left there watching and regretting her choice. The stones came flying, but before the one that would be her deathblow hit, she woke up.

Karina found herself still stripped down from the dream, and while most stood tall after facing their pasts, she could barely stand up. Empty and broken, Karina found herself longing for the safety and comfort of the rest of the SoS crew, of her friends. Ananta was the first to take up that spot, and while Karina appreciated the company for a bit, when Ananta managed to come up with Vincent's cloak to cover her, Karina found herself breaking even more. It was Kaida's kindness that helped more in the end, the less familiar cloak bringing enough comfort to let her recount her story to those around who wanted to listen, her friends that she wouldn't be able to remain around for long, because she failed the test that was in front of her. While Karina still couldn't get over what happened, Stratos stood with her and talked her through until such a point as Mizarabel took over the castle, locking Karina in an orb in the middle. Having failed her test, her heart belonged to the witch.

Thanks to the efforts of the SoS group, Karina was freed, but she was still locked out of use of her keyblade and stranded in the Realm of Darkness, with no way that she could safely make it back, unlike those who passed their tests. That was when Lea came up to Karina and offered her a chance at another way. He took her to a group he called the Black Coats and gave her some of his ability to manipulate fire. Lea then put Karina in charge of a small group of other members that he enlisted. Karina worked with them for a while, trying to find her footing again and figure out how to be a leader. She wasn't given much of a choice when Lea disappeared. The constant contention between her and her allies, left Karina longing for her companions of the SoS group. She wasn't good enough to lead the Black Coats, and fit in with them less than she fit in with the other group. That is why when she was given the change to return to help the other group, she did.

Karina brought the Black Coats to a place called Destiny Island where she helped SoS defeat 10,000 heartless that were attacking the place. Through it she noticed a man code named Uniform helping with the destruction. Uniform was a former member of her fathers army and would make sure that she knew it, so when she could fight him, Karina wanted to jump on it. The heartless were more important though and instead Shiro took on defeating uniform, leaving Karina able to finish him off when the battle was over. As things settled Karina noticed another enemy of hers as well. Aux. He had taken Snow White from under her nose and had tossed them into the Realm of Darkness. Having no inclination to stop fighting now, Karina went to attack him when she was stopped by Kaida and held back by Beuce. Apparently Aux had changed sides, though Karina didn't know if she wanted to believe it.

Ananta was not impressed by Karina's actions and told the girl that there was nothing for her here and she was a lost cause because she was so willing to attack Aux. Not taking such words well, Karina tried to abandon her keychains, the only thing that kept her tied to her former keyblade and walk away. She didn't get far before Beuce stopped her though, calling out how he was a master, rubbing it in more. But that wasn't what he did, Beuce stopped her because he now had the ability to give her her keyblade back. Stepping up he offered her his keyblade and started the inheritance ceremony. Soon after most other members of SoS joined in, also offering their keyblades and part of the words to it. Finally Hikaru offered her a ring, showing that while the keyblade might not have chosen her, they had. After that she was able to summon her keyblade again.

With new found emotions in her heart, Karina returned to the Realm of Darkness with Shiro and the Black Coats. This time though it wasn't to lead them, Karina passed that role onto Luna's Fiance Koa and went to become a keyblade master herself. She needed to work hard if she was ever to walk alongside her friends again. So Shiro helped her take a special Mark of Mastery Exam so that she could soon return to her friends.

Part 3[]

After the ship crashed, Karina found herself in the water, where she was immediately faced with the one person she didn't want to see, Aux. Thankfully Beuce was there too which helped to keep things from escalating, but she was not impressed as she was forced to play nice and help the princess of an underwater city. And even as Karina found herself right back to resenting half the people she met, she did find herself drawn closer to her friends, even offering Beuce a necklace that she bought after her Mark of Mastery. In the end they ended up helping Ariel with her love life, defeated Ursula and then got on to be swallowed by a whale, where they met young Sora, Kairi and Riku and then got the fuck out.

Them getting out didn't get them far before they crash landed on another ship and were taken for cabin boys. Thankfully Captain Faris took better to them than the crab thing named Scroop. They there was apparently a planet full of treasure that they were going after, but upon finding it the world started to fall apart and the ship was stuck. In order to get everyone to safety Kel and Karina had to put aside their rivalry over strength and work together to kick the ship through the open portal to safety before joining it on their keyblade gliders.

From that world they then finally met up where Shiro initially told Karina to meet with SoS, which was in Olympic Coliseum. There they discovered a tournament was happening and Karina wasted no time signing up, but not before having a conversation with Beuce about something that had been bothering her. Karina finally admitted that she might have had feelings for Beuce but didn't know what to do with them. Beuce however was taken by surprise by the confession and found himself unable to give her any sort of answer. Karina left to join the tournament, fighting until she reached the semi finals, where she lost to Stratos. Stratos then fought Jecht, who wouldn't give up the fight before a large rock creature interrupted the end of the tournament. Fighting back the titan they managed to secure the world to some extent but not much else could be done before they found themselves knocked out cold.

Waking up, Karina found herself in an ornate bedroom, left alone for a while. Soon after her father entered and informed her that many of her friends were in jail for various crimes. Those who weren't were in the med bay. She however was kept away from them, her father had other plans for her. Instead of wanting to see her dead, like Karina so expected of her father, he expected her to marry her former fiance, she was threatened with her friends safety to make her comply. Karina did her best to behave, talked to her brother, let her mother dress her and do her hair, but when she had to face her fiance, Karina didn't handle it well and tried to hurt him. Her father locked her back in the room and when she tried to attack him, he then brought her down to maximum security prison and left her there with a screen so she could watch as he made sure that her friends trials failed, through the selection of a judge, all the while making himself seem like the good guy.

When Karina managed to indicate where she was, Aux got himself thrown in max security as well, so that they could both break out eventually. It was a hard task but they managed and proceeded to break their other friends out of prison, where they also found Beuce and the others who weren't locked up trying to do the same. Eventually they all got out as Sanctuary was attacked once again by Nequa and her group. They barely managed to regroup in order to discover that Nequa had been using Kel as a spy the entire time. Karina found herself left feeling uncomfortable, and while things seemed to be worked out on the ship, she was desperate to leave.

The stop over in Travers Town was short but Karina and Beuce decided to talk about what was between them, deciding to actually become something to each other. while it felt weird for Karina, she also knew that it felt right. For once she had someone in her life to truly love her, so she was ready to face the next part along side him, even if that next part was taking back Central Haven, the place that they lost to the heartless so long ago. However they were surprised to find that no heartless remained, the place was empty except one young man, who wasn't who they thought. Although the man appeared to be Terra in truth it was a man named Orion, someone who had betrayed Kaida back on Sanctuary. Karina was ready to fight the man, but he kept pushing them off, eventually talking to the council himself, only to get no better results, much to Karina's delight.

After that they started to work on training their aura. While Karina found it somewhat pointless for her, she worked hard through it but was more glad for the break that they were given when it was all over. Time to sleep in a proper bed and forget about the Sanctuary for a bit before heading out with everyone to Halloween town.


Karina is hot headed and quick tempered. She burns like a fire with her drive to become stronger and show everyone, not only her father that she is worth their while. Her emotional control may not be the best but deep down she is lonely and looking for companionship even if she doesn't show such things through her actions.  



  • Gift
  • Blend
  • High Jump (Equipped)
  • Cheer
  • Combo Level 4(Equipped)
  • Air Combo Level 3 (Equipped)
  • Dodge Roll 40%(Equipped)
  • Guard
  • Item Boost
  • EXP Writer IV (Equipped)
  • BattleCry
  • Magical Lock-On
  • Damage Syphon (Equipped)
  • Second Wind (Equipped)
  • Lucky Lucky(Equipped)
  • Cover
  • MP Haste
  • Second Chance (Equipped)
  • Reload Boost (Equipped)
  • MP Rage
  • Berserk
  • Critical Plus (Equipped)
  • Healing Guard
  • MP Gift
  • Auto Aura I (Equipped)
  • Auto Aura II
  • Entrust
  • Auto Blot
  • Auto Data
  • Auto Master


  • Wrath of the Warrior
  • Warrior Plus
  • Trip around the Sun
  • Symphonia
  • Trinity Limit
  • Ars Arcanum
  • Fusion Limit
  • Broken Shackles


  • Monk
  • Soldier (Equipped)
  • Paladin
  • White Mage
  • Dark Knight
  • Ninja
  • Pirate
  • Blue mage
  • Gladiator


  • Darkness
  • Power (Level 2)
  • Fire (Level 2)



  • Poison Edge
  • Barrier Surge
  • Vorpal Blitz
  • Splatter Combo
  • Aerial Slam
  • Fire Strike
  • Sliding Dash
  • Strike Raid (Equipped)
  • Zantesuken (Equipped)
  • Break Time
  • Fist Bump
  • HyperJump
  • Powerline (Equipped)
  • Dolphin Kick
  • Grave Digger
  • Cross-Slash (Soldier Job) (Equipped)
  • Four Seasons (Monk Job)
  • Excalibur (Paladin Job)
  • Dark Aura (Dark Knight Job)


  • Fire -> Fira-> Firaga-> Firaza
  • Blizzard -> Blizzara -> Blizzaga
  • Thunder-> Thundara-> Thundaga
  • Cure -> Cura -> Curaga
  • Aero -> Aerora -> Aeroga
  • Stop -> Stopra -> Stopga
  • Gravity -> Gravira -> Graviga -> Graviza
  • Mine -> Minera -> Minega-> Mineza
  • Drain-> Drianra
  • Balloon-> Balloonra-> Balloonga
  • Faith
  • Howling Winds
  • Quake
  • Thunder Bell
  • Meteor
  • Aqua Splash
  • Tidal Wave
  • Summon: Pegasus
  • Summon: Fairy Godmother
  • Summon: Mushu
  • Summon: Zero


  • Reluctancy
  • Magnify (Equipped)  
  • April Showers 
  • August Heat 
  • December Snow 
  • Crystaline

Skill Command Slots:[]

  • Physical: Powerline (5 turn CD)
  • Physical: Zantetsuken (6 turn CD)
  • Physical: Powerline
  • Physical: Zantetsuken
  • Physical: Fist Bump (4 turn CD)
  • Physical:Magnify (12 turn CD)
  • Magical: Cross Slash (4 turn CD)
  • Physical: Magnify



  • Kingdom Key
  • Treasure Trove
  • Divewing
  • Unbound +4
  • Frolic Flame
  • Hidden Dragon
  • Oathkeeper (+4) 
  • Divine  Rose 
  • Star Seeker
  • Mysterious Abyss
  • Maverick Flare
  • Treasure Venture
  • Hero's Crest
  • Daunting Renewal (Broken Shackles)
  • Oblivion (+10)
  • Pumpkinhead (Equipped)
  • Lofty Grasp
  • Resolute Heart


  • White Fang (Equipped)
  • White Gloves
  • Brave Warrior
  • Energy Bangle
  • Ray of Light
  • Moogle Badge
  • Titan Chain
  • SOS Ring (Equipped)
  • Speed Chain


  • Potion (Equipped)
  • Ether
  • Balloon Letter
  • Accessory Ticket


7 layers of Karina hell

  • layer 0
  • layer 1
    • Beuce
  • Layer 2
    • Stratos
    • Kaida
    • Kel
    • Luna
  • Layer 3
    • Hikaru
    • Raisor
    • Base
    • D'daear
    • Aux
  • Layer 4
    • Kross
    • Yana
    • Steel
    • Arctus
  • Layer 5
    • Etrius
    • Glen
    • Karina
  • Layer 6
    • Eric
    • Ananta
    • Vanitas
  • Layer 7
    • Mortimer
    • Alex Louis Xares
    • Scott

Other random facts

  • Karina carries around a voice recorder seen in many posts. She uses it to record herself talking to her brother in hopes that one day she could see her brother again. Karina later smashed the recorder on the sanctuary in attempts to cut ties with the past
  • Karina's strength stat was originally not going to be as high as it is, but due to peoples jokes it became a serious thing. Which is backed by her personality.
  • Karina was able to one shot Kross in the arena during their duel... poor Kross
  • Karina literally wants to murder Glen, although she hates many she never wanted to murder anyone till recently
  • Karina isn't a leader or a follower, she prefers to work on her own, but she doesn't like taking instruction so she takes lead when need be.
  • Karina was put in charge of the black coats by Lea for a short time until such time came as she got her keyblade back and returned
  • Karina's full name is  Karina Regalia Dandre Xares