A recurring system in the Final Fantasy franchise, the job system allows players to equip new abilities centered around a specific way of fighting. While this system was a fundamental element of Final Fantasy initially, it will be used as a way to better know your role when fighting in battles. Be it a healer, tank or DPS, there is something for everyone! But don't feel obliged to use the jobs if you feel they don't suit your needs. Each class brings with it, a set of 5 unique or familiar abilities and 1 unique skill command to be used at the player's expense. Just keep in mind that each job is given one special drawback.

  • YOU MUST COMPLETE ALL 4 TASKS TO OBTAIN AND EQUIP A JOB. If a requirement is not met, you have the option to spend 1,000 Munny on the unfulfilled requirement
  • All Jobs require 10 AP to equip unless specified
  • Unless you have a Job Ticket, you can only bypass one job requirement per job.



A powerful attacker. Soldiers have one main focus; Deal as much physical damage as possible. Their magic pool is virtually non existent, but oh can they pack a wallop! With heavy combos and a persistent spirit, the soldier never backs down!

Ability Description
Valor Increase all physical skill commands by 50%
Combo Master Combos against Ground enemies are increased by 150%
Warrior's Spirit Upon fainting, all party members' attack increases by 10 for the rest of the match.
Quick Offense Cooldowns for Physical Skill Commands are decreased by 1. (Cannot decrease a cooldown past 3 Turns)
MP Lock Cannot use anything that requires MP to use.
Skill Power CG Cooldown Element Description
Cross-Slash 250% STR 35% 4 Turns None A skill that slices the target in a cross-cut pattern. Deals 5 hits! Has a 50% chance of dealing a critical hit!

Black MageEdit


Master of the dark arts, Black Mages excel at spell casting. Their high magic makes them the perfect magic users, but they are only offensive. So no light, healing, or defensive magic! But it's a small price when this handy class allows you to cast spell after spell of magical onslaught.

  • (✔) Did not sacrifice Path of the Mystic
  • (✔) Obtain Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, and Gravity Magic
  • (✔) Reach 20 Base Magic
  • (✔) Own the "Mystic Chain" Accessory
Ability Description
Spell Upgrade Increase the power level of basic spells and magic commands by 200%
Fast Magic Magic command cooldowns are decreased by 1. (Cannot decrease a cooldown past 3 Turns)
Status Plus Chance of inflicting status effects are doubled.

Burn and Paralyze now add an extra 0.01% overall HP damage.

MP Haste Restore 1 MP every 3 cycles
Curse of the Black Mage Cannot cast magic that fails to deal offensive non-light based damage. Cannot perform physical skill commands.
Skill Power CG Cooldown Element Description
Osmose 200% MAG 30% 5 Turns Darkness Drain enemy health and add it to your MP gauge. 1 MP gained for every 50 HP drained.

White MageEdit


Divine caster of light. No party is complete without a healer, and the White Mage class will suit all your needs in keeping your allies alive and healthy. An excellent beginner class for the player that has yet to excel in any offensive battle styles. Healing and protection is their prime directive, so be sure to equip the Cure spell when using this divine healer.

Ability Description
Cure Booster Once a player is healed to full Health by the user, the healed player's MAX HP increases by 3.
Life Giver Increases all Party members max HP by 10%
Esuna Cure magic also cures status ailments. Whatever status effect is cured, the player gains resistance towards it for 3 cycles.
Brightest Light All light based offensive magic is increased by 200%
Duty of the White Mage Cannot cast any magic that deals offensive, non-light based damage. Cannot use Physical Skill Commands
Skill MP Power CG Cooldown Element Description
Reflect 3 --- 10% None Space Cancels Magic Damage on all allies for 1 Cycle. Deflects all magic back at the opponent



Disciplined master of hand to hand combat. The Monk class excels in close quarters martial arts and has a fair amount of melee expertise. But being a monk means fighting without the use of weapons. Meaning no attacks requiring a keyblade! The Monk's best skill is to rapidly fill the command gauge.

Ability Description
Focus Increases non-keyblade skill commands by 100%
Bare Hands Cannot use keyblade based commands.
Brace The player automatically guards after attacking with any combo. GUARD ability must be equipped.
Mantra Increases all Party members DEF and RES by 10
Invigorate Passively grants 25 CG every turn
Skill Power CG Cooldown Element Description
Martial Arts 320% STR 65% 5 Turns None A powerful 32 hit combo that deals earth damage for Spring, fire damage for Summer, wind damage for Fall, and ice damage for Winter. A disciplined technique that shows your skill..



Stealth and evasion specialist. Ninjas hit hard and fast. While they may not have many special abilities, their speed allows them to evade the enemies powerful blows. Their need for speed and playing the long game is what gives the ninja an extra edge over more powerful opponents.

  • (✔) Did not sacrifice Path of the Hunter
  • (✔) Obtain the Stopra Spell
  • (✔) Reach 20 Base Speed
  • (✔) Own the "Speed Chain" Accessory
Ability Description
Dokutsukai Poison against enemies are now increased to 1% of the target's overall HP.
Sokudou Cooldowns for skill commands are reduced by 1 turn. (Cannot decrease a cooldown past 3 Turns)
Maryoku Fuuin Cannot perform magical skill commands or spells
Enmakudan Enemy accuracy decreases by 20% against the Player
Sente Hisshou The player is given a 1 in 3 chance to gain an extra turn.
Skill Power CG Cooldown Element Description
Ninja Mist --- --- 10 Turns Darkness Disappear from the enemy's radar. Guaranteed evasion for 1 full cycle. All enemies gain the Poison status. (Poison does not stack)



The Ranger knows how to keep distance. Being further away from their opponent allows this class to specialize in firing projectiles with the cost of never approaching the opposing force directly. A very "ranged" class for both the physical and magical offender, Ranger excels at dealing deadly damage from a safe distance.

Ability Description
Mystic Shot The player's combos are now replaced with energy Shots. all combo damage uses the Magic stat.
Rapid Fire Projectile commands can be performed twice in one turn.
Sniper Projectile commands have a 50% chance to deal a critical hit against Aerial enemies
Hawkeye Rangers never miss their target.
Grounded Cannot perform attacks that require melee or close range.
Skill Power CG Cooldown Element Description
Head Shot

200% STR

40% 5 Turns Projectile The player shoots a powerful projectile energy shot against the enemy. Always Critical hit. (1 hit)



The Bard is a remarkable class in it's ability to help the party, by granting them power through song. This class focuses on singling out a fellow player's strength, and amplifying it to suit the battle's needs. The Bard can only play songs, and the song's effect will continue until the bard is attacked or stops playing.

  • (✔) Sang 30 Musical Missions
  • (✔) Sang in 10 Group Musical Missions with People
  • (✔) Sang 5 Duet Musical Missions
  • (✔) Sang 10 Solo Musical Missions
Ability Description
Fine Tuning USES A TURN. Increase the potency of songs by 5. There is no cap on Tuning Level.
Fortissimo Add 1 MP to a song, and it will effect all allies/enemies
Troubadour Can't attack, use Magic, or use Skill Commands. Can only play songs. The longer the player plays a song, the stronger the effect will be.
Song MP CG Cooldown Description
Track 1: Working Together 3 N/A 3 Cycles 5% of the Bard's Strength and Magic are added to an ally.
Track 2: Simple and Clean 3 N/A 3 Cycles Plays a melody to continuously restore an ally's HP. Heals 5 Health on each turn.
Track 3: Twister 3 N/A 3 Cycles The CG of a player goes up by 5. (+5 CG every turn after)



The Summoner never fights alone. With an arsenal of magical creatures by their side, the summoner can always find a summon that suits the battle's needs. Every summoner is also equipped with three elemental Golems for when things get really tricky. When in doubt, remember that your friends are your power!

Ability Description
Inspire Uses a turn. Heals all summons by 20 HP.
Summoner's Aura Summons that cost 5 or more MP will have their MP cost reduced by 1.
Elemental Siphon Receive 25 CG for every elemental attack your summons do.
Elemental Golem The player is able to summon a specific Golem to the field for 3 cycles. Golems can be re-summoned at anytime and cost 4 MP each.
  • Firagolem lets loose a Fire spell every cycle. Deals 300 FLAT Fire Damage. Has 100 HP.
  • Blizzagolem lets loose a Blizzard spell every cycle. Deals 200 FLAT Ice Damage. Has 200 HP.
  • Thundagolem lets loose a Thunder spell every cycle. Deals 150 FLAT Fire Damage. Has 250 HP.
Pacifist Cannot perform skill commands, or attacks. Can still use "Ruin" and other basic magic.
Summon MP Power CG Cooldown Element Description
Ruin 1 x75% MAG 25% None None A non-elemental spell that does minor damage. Increases by 75% damage for every summon on the field.

Dark KnightEdit


The Dark Knight is a powerful warrior, with dominion over the blade and over darkness. While they are powerful in their individual right, it comes at a painful cost. The user will feel the negative affects of darkness with each attack until the battle is over. But great power comes with a cost...

Ability Description
Soul Eater Lose 10% HP every turn.
Dread Spikes Every time the enemy deals a physical attack to the user, the player drains 10 HP.
Darkness Boost Darkness attacks deal an extra 100% Damage.
Dark Magic +1 MP cost. Add the darkness element to the basic Fire, blizzard or Thunder spell.
Blackest Night USES A TURN. Spend 50 HP for CRITICAL darkness damage and halved light damage dealing for 2 cycles.
Skill Power CG Cooldown Element Description
Dark Aura 500% STR 50% 8 Turns Darkness The user rushes an enemy repeatedly from all directions, finishing by plunging their keyblade into the ground, and releasing columns of dark energy.

Red MageEdit


The Red Mage is a jack of all trades and master of none. While not very powerful, the Red Mage has merit as a tactical support class. Dealing average damage, their true strength lies in their ability to make the best of their skill kit.

Ability Description
Synch Blade Able to wield two keyblades.
Corps-A-Corps After using a projectile command, the player can follow up with a combo (Does not grant additional CG)
Valor Increase all party physical skill commands by 50%
Wisdom Increase all party magical skill commands by 50%
Fault of the Red Mage Red Mages can not use any spells above -Ga or Combos above level 3.
Skill Power CG Cooldown Element Description
Red Slash 300% STR 40% 6 Turns Random The Red Mage slashes both keyblades, combining the MAG and STR stat, dealing FLAT damage.



The Paladin acts as the ultimate line of defense against powerful enemies. Highly protective and always willing to lend their support, Paladins are holy tanks that fear no danger.

  • (✔) Complete the Mark of Mastery Exam
  • (✔) Did not sacrifice Path of the Guardian
  • (✔) Obtain the Aerora Spell
  • (✔) Reach 60 Base HP and 30 Base Defense
Ability Description
Damage Control Halves enemy damage when under 25% HP
Protector Grants 100% protection against the first attack from the enemy.
Reflex 25% chance to block an a single target attack by the enemy.
Human Shield Every successful guarding of an ally Heals 15 HP.
Command Barrier Every successful block drains the Command Gauge by 10%
Skill Power CG Cooldown Element Description
Excalibur 500% STR 50% 8 Turns Light The user rushes an enemy repeatedly from all directions, finishing by plunging their keyblade into the ground, and releasing columns of light energy.

Paopu KnightEdit


The Paopu Knight is a friend to all, and a fierce warrior. This Knight works hard, and with those jobs earned, comes a wealth of experience. The Paopu knight is not only a lucky one, but also has the ability to pass on their strengths to others.

Ability Description
Potential The player's Physical and Magical commands are increased by 5% for every job the player owns.
Turbo-Hit An additional 6 hits to add to ground and aerial combos. (+30% STR, 30 CG)
Intertwined Using a turn, the player can synchronize with another party member and offer half their "Potential" and "Good Luck Charm" ability
Good Luck Charm Luck for the Paopu Knight is increased by 30%.
We'll go together If another party member is knocked out, so is the Paopu Knight. If the Paopu knight is knocked out, so is whoever they intertwined with.
Skill Power CG Cooldown Element Description
Paradigm Shift ???% ??% 6 Turns ???? The Paopu Knight can select a skill command from another owned job to use in battle. Each alternate ability can only be used ONCE per battle.



The Blacksmith is a reliable and composed profession. Stocking up on items and accessories, the Blacksmith can take their stats to new heights with their equipment boosting abilities. While they may not be the strongest party member, they will definitely be the most well prepared.

  • (✔) Reach Level 50
  • (✔) Attain 7 or more different types of Items
  • (✔) Attain 6 or more Accessories
  • (✔) Attain 10 or more Keyblades
Ability Description
Refine The player uses a turn to add 5 STR, SPD, DEF, MAG, or RES to a keyblade belonging to them or one of their allies. Refining can not stack on a player.
Iron Will Gain +10% Resistance to all elements.
Stock Up Gain +2 items slots and +1 Accessory slot.
Recycler Any items the player uses is gained back at a lower level. (lowest can't be recycled)
Exhaust All cooldowns are increased by 3.
Skill Power CG Cooldown Element Description
Hammer Down 400% STR 40% 6 Turns Earth The Blacksmith's keyblade turns into a giant hammer and slams against the opponent.

Blue MageEdit


The Blue Mage is a stubborn mystic. While they're known for their grand amounts of MP and intellect, their true power comes from the strength of others. Being able to mimic and duplicate the skills and strength of their fellow allies. An elite kind of mage, they aren't exactly known for their empathy...

  • (✔) Complete the water world set
  • (✔) Attain 10 Base MP.
  • (✔) Attain 30 Resistance.
  • (✔) Attain 4 Magical skill commands and all 10 basic spells.
Ability Description
Blue Action The player can use an extra turn, so long as its for a BLUE ACTION. Each Action costs 2 MP to perform.
MP Charge Recover 1 MP at the start of each cycle.
White Wind BLUE ACTION. Heals everyone's HP equal to the current HP of the caster.
Copy BLUE ACTION. The player mimics any stat of another player. The player can only copy one stat at a time for one cycle.
Pride of the Blue Mage Blue Mages cannot receive buffs or assist spells from other players. They cannot be given Cures, Aeros, Covers, or any party buff.
Skill MP CG Cooldown Element Description
Learn 2 -- None ???? BLUE ACTION. Reaction Command. Once seeing another player using a skill command, the Blue Mage may Learn this command and use it at their leisure.



Pirates are charming thieves that rule the seas. A fancy user of chance and trickery, Pirates are known for using their booty to their advantage. They also have a knack for talking their way out of situations. (Even if they caused it themselves)

  • (✔) Complete the Pirate world set
  • (✔) Attain 55 Base AP.
  • (✔) Hold a "C" ranking or lower from friendship levels. Alternative is if you were assaulted verbally or physically by another player.
  • (✔) Obtain 6,666 Munny
Ability Description
Quick Draw At the start of the battle, The player gains an extra turn.
Lucky Dog Pirates fully dodge the first attack from the enemy.
Freeloader Able to steal and use Summons, items, buffs from fellow players. (Uses a turn)
Eye for an Eye The player deals an extra +40% Damage to the enemy, but the enemy also deals an extra 20% damage to the player.
Devil's Deal Uses a turn. Roll a die. the number it lands on will administer the following effect. (Repeated uses will cause negative effects to be more in favor)
  • 2 - SCURVY (Deals 10 Damage to the player every turn permanently)
  • 2 - DOUBLE OR NOTHING (Roll again)
  • 3 - DUMB LUCK (Heals 100 HP, 5 MP and 100 CG)
  • 4 - WEIGH ANCHOR (All players gain 1 turn)
  • 5 - JACKPOT (Gain 2,000-5,000 Temporary Munny)
  • 6 - SIREN'S SONG (User gains stunned status for for 3 turns)
Skill Power CG Cooldown Element Description
Treasure Island X 45 None None The user creates a powerful bombardment of Munny against the enemy. The user uses their Munny funds to fend off against the enemy, dealing 1 FLAT DAMAGE for every 5 Munny used. The player needs a minimum of 100 Munny to use this attack.

Gladiator Edit


The gladiator is the result of one who has won countless battles and come out the other side. They see themselves as the stars of the show, and have the skills to make sure they back their confidence up.

  • (✔) Defeat a collective total of 10 stars worth of bosses in The World Record
  • (✔) Attain over 150 Achievement Points
  • (✔) Fought for a Trophy from the Hellfire Club.
  • (✔) Have 130 or more base HP
Ability Description
Seen It Before Libra no longer takes a turn to use
Dramatic Finish Physical skill commands deal an additional 150% damage if the gladiator is below 25% HP
Enduring Prowess All buffs on the gladiator last an extra cycle
Supportive Fans When targeted by an ally with a supportive ability, the gladiator reduces the cooldown of skill commands by 1 turn. They can only gain this benefit once per cycle.
Daredevil Abilities that would prevent the gladiator from being K.O.'d or revive them automatically cease to function.
Skill Power CG Cooldown Element Description
Challenging Strike 350% STR 50% 6 Turns Light Deal a mighty blow that demands the enemy's attention. For one cycle, all attacks will be directed at the gladiator.



The Samurai is a warrior of honor. While following their own moral code, they deal devastating damage with their blade skills. Their biggest drawback is the loss of their pride, which will drastically reduce their offense.

  • (✔) Go through a reflective change by cutting your hair
  • (✔) The player has never been knocked out in battle
  • (✔) Your player meditates in a spiritual state
  • (✔) Have more than 65 base Strength.
Ability Description
Iaijutsu Increase Critical Chance by 25%
Isshou no Hashi Every time the player falls below 10 HP, they gain 10 Strength for the rest of the battle.
Tsubame Gaeshi Combos against Aerial enemies are increased by 100%
Kenjutsu Blade commands deal an additional 100% damage,
Bushido Once the Samurai is knocked out, they lose all offensive capabilities. Having lost to their opponent, they can only support their allies.
Skill Power CG Cooldown Element Description
Banishing Blade 500% STR 45% 8 Turns Light


The user leaps towards enemies and slices downwards with their weapon, cleansing their heart of evil.
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