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The elements of Light, Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, and Darkness respectively.

The Elemental Guardians are extremely powerful entities hidden within the worlds, and assigned a riddle to help place their identity. If they are defeated, then they will reward an extremely powerful command of their respective element, but one must become a keyblade master before they are able to challenge the guardians.

Elemental Guardian of Fire - Identity Unknown[]

Beast of Rage, Breath of Fire

Eversleeping, Noble Flier

As it stays dormant in it's tomb

Just follow the sun, and extinguish the fume.

Elemental Guardian of Ice - Identity Unknown[]

Riddle Unknown

Elemental Guardian of Thunder - Identity Unknown[]

King of gods, with strong command,

Controls the lighting with his hand.

Though jovial he may appear,

His thunderstorms incite your fear

Elemental Guardian of Wind - Identity Unknown[]


Elemental Guardian of Earth - Identity Unknown[]

Encased in magma, to it's core

Destroyer of the Earthen floor.

Beneath the ground it burrows deep,

It spares whoever lets it sleep.

Elemental Guardian of Water - Identity Unknown[]

Enormous in size, it swallows you whole,

And keeps it's teeth so tightly shut.

It scours seas in search of souls

To satisfy it's barren gut.

Elemental Guardian of Time - Identity Unknown[]

In the depths of darkness, awaits the light

Guarded by sages of time, made older

Unlikely, these three, now hold the key

In the mystic eye of the beholder

Elemental Guardian of Space - Identity Unknown[]

Riddle Unknown

Elemental Guardian of Light - Identity Unknown[]

Riddle: Unkown

Elemental Guardian of Darkness - Identity Unknown[]

From the depths he shall rise

Among his demons, in massive size

Awakens on the mountain's clay

And silenced at the brink of day.