Drive Forms are special forms that change the biological and physical attributes of a player, by embedding them with special abilities and a unique fighting style. These abilities are often powerful and require the player to merge with one or more other players to gain the power in battle. Use of Drive Forms can be accomplished by building the Command Gauge or the requirement of one or more "Tributes" to use them successfully. Once a player enters the drive form, they cannot infuse until the battle ends. Drive Forms can only be used if there are more than three people in the party.

Blot FormEdit


Blot Form

While messy, Blot form transforms the player into leaving, breathing ink! First gained by the Mad Doctor in "Wasteland," Blot Form derives most of it's sill commands and abilities from the versatility of ink itself! Inspired by the video game "Epic Mickey," Blot Form shares many similarities in terms of fighting style. Primarily "Paint" and "Thinner." Using the drive form's "Thinner Mode" gives the player freedom to imbue the keyblade with stronger attacks, while "Paint Mode," that improves and supports the party, Blot form is the paint and your foes are the canvas!

  • Requires 1 Tribute player or 300 CG
  • Becomes a "Water" type.
Ability Description
Refill Heal 15 HP and 1 MP at the start of every cycle.
THINNER Mode Combos increase by 200% Strength and 20 CG. Also erases any buffs the enemy has.
Fluid Motion Gain an extra turn.
PAINT Mode Allows the player to use the color palette commands below. This is a skill command deck seperate from the one you have equipped. Each Paint can only be used once.
Skill MP Description
Red Paint 2 Grants +25 Strength to any player for 1 cycle.
Orange Paint 2 Grants +25% Luck to any player for 1 cycle.
Yellow Paint 2 Grants +25 Speed to any player for 1 cycle.
Green Paint 2 Grants +25 Defense to any player for 1 cycle.
Blue Paint 2 Grants +25 Magic to any player for 1 cycle.
Violet Paint 2 Grants +25 Resistance to any player for 1 cycle.

Data FormEdit


Data Form

Digital and calculating, Data form transforms the player into metaphysical ones and zeros! First gained in "Game Central Station" Data Form derives most of it's sill commands and abilities from the versatility of programs and digital functions. Using the drive form's "Upgrade" feature, allows the player to continuously increase their power with no setbacks.

  • Requires 1 Tribute player or 300 CG
  • Becomes a "Thunder" type
Ability Description
UPGRADE Use a turn to "Upgrade" yourself. STR and MAG increase by 3 every time the player upgrades. All other Drive form abilities increase as well.
Firewall Cures any status ailments from harming you or your party.
Fast Processor Gain an extra turn
Reprogram Use a turn to adjust your elemental property of your combos. (Costs 1 MP)
Light Cycle At the start of each cycle, a Light Cycle zooms against all enemies and deals 100 Flat Damage (Increases by 100 Damage with each upgrade)
Electric Boost Increases Thunder commands by 200%
Back-Up Use a turn to back up your data form so when you are knocked out, you may return to battle with your last upgrade intact.
Skill MP Description
Virus 2 Plants a poisonous virus onto the opponent. Deals 10 Damage continuously on each of the enemy's turns until the end of the battle. (Increases by 10 Damage with each UPGRADE) The Virus can be cured, but UPGRADING allows the virus a better resistance from fading.