The Dreamer Files are part of an enchanted book that was given to the SoS during Chapter 50. It explains various terms, places and characters met throughout the roleplay.

File No. Subject Description
001 Kingdom Hearts The heart of all worlds, and the source of ultimate power and wisdom. It can be considered an aggregate of hearts. In the "age of fairy tales", when the World was whole, Kingdom Hearts was believed to be the source of all light. It was protected by its counterpart, the χ-blade. Many came to desire the power of light contained within Kingdom Hearts, and they clashed together, wielding the Keyblades they created in the image of the χ-blade. Their greed and jealousy introduced darkness into the World, and in the aftermath of this Keyblade War, the χ-blade was shattered into twenty pieces, darkness covered the World, and Kingdom Hearts disappeared within the darkness.
002 χ-blade A legendary weapon that can summon the door to Kingdom Hearts. Originally, the χ-blade was the counterpart of Kingdom Hearts, for which it acted as protector. However, many who sought to take the light of Kingdom Hearts for themselves created "Keyblades" in the image of the χ-blade, and they clashed together in the legendary Keyblade War. As a result, darkness overtook the World, Kingdom Hearts vanished, and the χ-blade was splintered into twenty pieces: seven fragments of pure light, which eventually become the seven princesses' hearts, and thirteen shards of darkness. When the World was revived by the lights within children's hearts, some decided to use the Keyblade to defend that light.
003 Princess of Heart The seven princesses of heart are maidens with hearts of pure light, devoid of darkness. Their hearts are seven out of twenty pieces of the χ-blade. They appear to be the only people in the universe whose hearts are born naturally free of darkness. Though only a few are actual princesses, the Seven Princesses are referred by that name as the one who brings all them together can open the Door to Darkness will open and gain the power to reign over the worlds. Confirmed Princesses include Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Belle.
004 Keyblade The Keyblade is a mysterious weapon with the power to open or close any lock or door, be it to a physical object, to the heart of a person or world, or to a gate or pathway between worlds. For objects like treasure chests, this merely requires tapping the chest, while for more magical locks, the Keyblade generally operates by emitting a bright, thin beam of light from its tip, or by being thrust directly into the keyhole or person's chest. A trained Keyblade wielder can also transform their Keyblade, changing its size and shape. This can be used to augment its use as a weapon, or to transform the Keyblade into a vehicle form, known as a "Keyblade Glider".
005 Keyblade War In the "age of fairy tales", the World was whole and full of light. People believed the light came from Kingdom Hearts, the heart of all worlds, which was protected by its counterpart, the χ-blade. Due to the secret manipulations of the Master of Masters, his students, the five Foretellers tasked with protecting the light, began to mistrust each other after receiving a prophecy of the coming war. They began competing over the world's Lux, believing it would give them the power to push back the oncoming darkness, but in the end, their efforts collapsed into internecine conflict that embroiled the entire World. Eventually, darkness covered the World, the χ-blade was shattered into twenty pieces, seven of pure light and thirteen of pure darkness, and the "true" Kingdom Hearts disappeared into the darkness
006 SOS After the events of the keyblade war, the keyblade wielders with light in their hearts, became soldiers and protectors to worlds that needed them most. The Servants of Sanctuary (or SOS for short) became beacons of hope for helping people in need. The title resurfaced for the new group of wielders that stood up to the threat of No Heart's looming intent.
007 The Order A prestigious and powerful group of keyblade wielders that help keep the world order in tact.
101 No Heart An enigmatic master planner for all the villainous intentions against the SOS. The master took on three apprentices; Aux, Nequa and Vanitas, who does the Keyblde master's bidding. Also aligned with Krowley of the order, No Heart seeks to achieve Kingdom Hearts once and for all.
102 Dreamer A man in a white hooded cloak that acts as the overseer of all worlds. While he does not interfere in the affairs of power, he acts as the keeper of balance between light and darkness and often passes on wisdom to others.
103 Aux One of No Heart's apprentices. Extremely powerful and cold, he was once friends with Kaida and Hikaru.
104 Nequa One of No Heart's apprentices. Magically gifted, she has her own intentions on why she aligns herself with others.
105 Vanitas One of No Heart's apprentices. He acts in the obsession with defeating his light counterpart; Ventus and creating the χ-blade.
106 Krowley The leader of the order. He has mastered the power of light, and carries the responsibility of the students and members of the order. A very kind, middle aged man with white hair and a soft spot for all living things. He knows much on keyblade lore and history of several worlds.
107 Yue A member of the order. A wielder of darkness, but still holding on to her light. She has black hair, wears a black dress down to her ankles and a blindfold over her eyes. Though she conquered her darkness, she isn't ready to see without it just yet. She has been shown to have a strong connection with Rin, and her younger sister; Mizu. Any threat towards either of them causes her to act more hostile. She is calm, but a fast striker.
108 DJ A member of the order. Genius and music lover, he sports a very modern city look and uses a lot of DJ lingo. He designed the time belts himself along with many other inventions used at the academy.
109 Shiro A member of the order. Shiro is very, very large. A strong believer in discipline and battle knowledge, he is a heavy defender and attacker. Not well in magic, he can be clumsy with his gargantuan sized armor, but kind enough to help any fellow man. Loyal to the core.
110 Lea A member of the order. Mysterious, stoic, and calm, he is very reluctant to do icky jobs, but pulls through for the sake of the world order. The oldest member of the order, he sports spiking red hair and a carefree attitude.
111 Mizu A member of the order. A bubbly little girl. A magical prodigy, she is 13 and holds much kindness in her heart. She looks for the light in all people and hates darkness. After her sister; Rin, disappeared 2 years ago, she took her place as one of the youngest keyblade masters to dawn the mantle
112 Kaida A member of the order. An overly cocky, inexperienced member. She is the newest member of the Order and the only member who is not a keyblade master.
113 Rin A former member of the order who disappeared over 2 years ago. The older sister of Mizu and dear friend of Yue, she was used by Nequa as a vessel.