Disney Cards are equip-able character cards that empower the protagonists of Mickey's Dream Team. The characters on each card can grant a statistical, ability, or battle bonus. Princess cards may be more favorable for Minnie, while Animal cards may favor Pluto more. It all depends on the thoughts and feelings that the character on each card has towards the protagonists. These cards come in the form of 3 different types.

The basic ones are called Friendship Cards. These are simply Disney Characters with not a lot of skill to offer to your palette and range from 1-3 FP to equip. They can however offer a small statistical bonus that can grow over time with more posts from the person playing the Disney characters. Their level ups can also increase The FP of any Disney Hero of their choice. The Ability cards offer an ability bonus to select Disney characters and cost 2 FP to equip. Party cards are Disney Character able to fight alongside you in battle. Each Protagonist is only allowed to equip one of these per world. They are controlled in battle by their character's handler and cost 5 FP to equip.

List of Ability CardsEdit

Card Name Description FP
Marahute (Summon)Grumpy Old OakPluto
Increases the Damage of "Bark" by 100%.