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Dissident Valley

Clay is a former keyblade weilder and an inactive protaganist in Kingdom Hearts SOS


Clavis was born into the world of Dissident Valley. Here, strength is the only thing that matters. There are no royals, no peasants, no classes. Only strong men and women working to become stronger through either labor, or war. Clay was a laborer, like his father before him. He enjoyed the work, and he found that the muscles you get from the lifting and such are more natural and dense that that of a trained fighter. However, Clay was different from those of his world. Different in the fact that he saw true strength in the heart. The weak were nearly brutalized in Dissident Valley, if people saw it worth their time to go out of thier way, they might all be killed off. But, Clay did go out of his way. He used every chance he could to help them, or defend them. He knew that even though their bodies were weak, their hearts were strong. Strength was the only way to survive in his world, so how else could they be here now? Clay began having strange dreams. He would be on a platform surrounded by pitch blackness. Never able to dream past a few steps before having to wake up again. After a few nights of this weird dream, something strange happened. A key shaped sword appeared in his hand. Knowing nothing about the keyblade, he tossed it away in fear. Laborers were not allowed to have weapons, unless they planned on joining the army, which Clay did not. He hid the keyblde for two years before recieving a strange letter telling him that his help was needed. Clay left in the middle of the night to answer this call, however, he could never know what he was truly stepping into.


Land of departure[]

Clay arrived in a strange new world and encountered a man named Kross, who turned to be another keyblade weilder. While learning from Kross, the duo was taken to a Mysterious place...


Clay is a very upbeat person most of the time. The warmth in his heart shines brightly, and he loves to help whomever he can, whenever he can. However, the culture of his homeworld has left Clay with an isatiable lust for strength and power. He has the best intentions, but he will do anything to become stronger.


Clay is six feet tall and very lean. He has brown hair and eyes, and a charming smile. He wears a black shirt tucked into is pants, and a pair of black boots.


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  • Clavis is Latin for "key."
  • Clay is based strongly off Terra, his creator's favorite canon Kingdom Hearts character.
  • Sleeping Lion is the true form of Clay's keyblade, although it has yet to be seen if it will be added into the game.