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.The story of the parties capture, escape and defending of the safe haven known as Sanctuary. A spaceship that holds refugees from various destroyed worlds, created by a coalition of Light governments.

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.Part 1: Capture and Imprisonment

After the party's defeat of the Titans on Mt.Olympus, their victory is undercut a sudden attack. Darts are fired from the shadows, each knocking out the party one by one. Masked men haul them into a dropship and they're taken to Sanctuary.

When the awoke, they'd be split and detained in different areas of the massive spaceship. AJ, Ananta, Kel, Beuce and Luna found themselves awaking in a medical bay. The staff and nurses were kind and understanding yet they had still put on metallic bracelets on them. Restricting their magic and summoning their keyblades. Down in the cell blocks Aux, Kaida, Faust, and Stratos were all imprisoned for various crimes. The cell block also contained other people, including 2 passed out teenagers and a strange man hiding in the corner of his cell. Each and everyone given shock/inhibitor collars. And worst of all was Karina, gaining consciousness in the pent house room of her abusive father. General Xeres, who also runs Sanctuary. He and the other world governments will soon have a Summit, deciding how to handle No Heart, The Red Society and The Hellfire Club.

Up top the party awaking in the medical bay were entered into the system, forced to go through the refugee registration despite their fighting. For Luna and Kel, their lost family members were on the ship. Inciting them running off to see to the safety of their kin. Not long afterwards the free SOS members went down to the cell block. Many of the party members found out the hard way the punishment for insubordinate and anarchic actions. Promising their safety AJ, Ananta, Kel, Beuce and Luna tried to build a case with their imprisoned teammates for the approaching trial. This is when the identities of the other cell mates came to light. Stratos' brother Meso, passed out across from him. Ventus, the trainee of Master Eraqus. And a new face, Quill. The man kept to the shadows but informs the party of his weeks in the ships prison. He'd also awaken in the medical bay, but his strange deformations scared the ships residents. Telling them of his own certainty of guilt, Kel promises an attempt to plead for his case at the Summit in an act of trust.

Locked in her room, General Xeras comes to see his daughter. Karina's already frayed relationship with her father only grew worse as he promised to marry her off to one of his loyalists. This was made worse that she dispised the sexist notions of her father and betrothed, all as she untangles her feelings for Beuce. Yet Xeras had her where he wanted. He controlled the judge that would control of the results of her friend's trials. As AJ, Ananta, Kel, Beuce and Luna made their way up to Xeras' chamber he catches them. Though civil, he holds a disgust and distaste for the SOS. Especially for Beuce.

Down in the cells, a new prisoner is introduced to the SOS cell block. Vanitas. His appearance shocks and enrages the various party members, now wondering how he ended up here and what he was planning. Up top, Kel and Beuce reach Karina's suite knocking on the door. Karina hears it and goes to open the door, to instead see her brother. Xeras and Beuce knock down the door only to find the place ramshackled and footage of Karina escaping on a shuttle. But this is his ruse, to trick them into looking somewhere else for Karina as she's forcibly married. After her argument with her facist brother, her forcibly subjicated mother visits Karina to get her wedding dress fitted. The experience is both horrifying and hollow. After Beuce and Kel go to inform their friends of Xeras' falsified info (which they do doubt) Xeras comes back his daughters room reveling in his ruse. Then arriving is Karina's betrothed, Scott, who Karina attempts stabbing with scissors. Though it gets a lot of blood, Xeras is able to restrain his daughter. His guards take her down to maximum security cells deep below the SOS cell block.

The trials of our party begins, with Kaida up first. Kaida's defense is good but due to actions she can't remember, she is outmaneuvered by her prosecuter. Orion, of the original SOS council. With his word against hers, the judge (Karen) is all too happy to sentence her to death. Worse was that Karina was forced to watch her friends trial, seeing how she was powerless to help her. But Karina begins to notice something familar, a military code. It was a tapping, tapping set to a rhythm that made a morse code message.

Up in the SOS cells, the strange man Quill was using his military life experience on his world. Deducing through discussion with the other imprisoned party members that Karina would also understand this code. Tapping out on the grated part of the cell floor, the sound echos down to Karina. The girl understands with little time that it was a message for her. With her hands restrained to the walls though Karina is forced to bash her head back against the wall to send back a message. Despite a nasty blood stain on the wall, the message is received. Quill rips part of the cells wall off, displaying a monstrous strength and sharp claws, that he carves out a message for Aux. The wall plate is thrown to Aux and the tapping now makes sense, he knows in his trial he needs to immediately plead guilty to get to maximum security.

Part 2- Attack on Sanctuary

As the summit approaches, the party spends their time in various ways. Kel and Luna meet up with their families, reconnecting and updating them on their adventures. Including Faust, who found himself freed as a sign of good faith from General Xeras. Those in Cell Block G (Kaida, Stratos, Vanitas and Quill) all wait for their punishments. Karina is joined in max security by Aux, shocked repeatedly as he confronts Karina's father. Though this works in his benefit, allowing him to free his hands from the manacles and rip off his collar. Now as the summit begins, the rest of the party (Beuce, Luna, Kel, AJ, Faust) as well as other various important refugees.

The captain of Sanctuary begins with introducing various members of the ship and it's security detail. Though the party distrusts Xeras, the ship relies on him. Beuce is the first to question the state of the disappearing worlds, asking how No Heart will be handled. Xeras and Orion get the crowd on their side by saying that their full military force and the surviving members of the Order will be enough. Beuce questions the plan though. The topic spirals off into questions and arguing between world leaders and the party. Yet suddenly a silence comes to the room as all the bracelets of Sanctuary's denizens fall off. The higher ups try to calm the worrying in the crowd and guards start escorting the crowd out. That's when on the speakers everyone hears "Greetings you brain-dead binomials.. This is your new captain; Sho Minamimoto speaking... And you've all just entered the new and improved game of yours truly..."

Before anyone can react dark portals open under family and friends of the SOS. Iso Zia and her baby, General Xares, Zeke, Nathan Siegend, Lucian Kiatespira and Iliana. All taken as the red societies logo is plastered on every screen. Dark portals appear all over the ship as various members of the Red Society ambush the party. Vanitas in Cell block G is let out remotely and he escapes in a portal with Stratos' brother Meso. And on either side of the cells come out Kaizo (Kaida's rival) and Gilgamesh (Alpha). Down in Max Security Aux and Karina are ambushed by Zulu, formerly Lars. At the summit guards are shot down as Hotel and Alex appear to corner Kel, Aislinn, AJ and Faust. White chains wrap around Luna as she's attacked by the strangely french and enraged Whiskey. And before Beuce can rally his team, he's attacked on both sides by Victor and the strange silver haired woman at the summit. Who seems to have a long past with the man. Tacky rave music begins playing as Sho initiates his Reapers Game.

Battle on the Big Bridge


Down in Cell Block G, Stratos and Quill find themselves at only barely holding off Alpha/Gilgamesh as he sends blades flying at both of them. Stratos attempts to barrage him with Firage spells but the projectiles are cut from the air with ease. Quill from his cell attempts to break one of his arms with a powerful attack, only to be surprised by him sprouting 7 others. Even stealing one of his weapons, Quill is shocked to find his blade only did 1 damage. Quill is sent flying through the doors and crashes into a pile of guards. Leaving Stratos to take on the powerful villain. Meanwhile Kaida and Kilo/Kaizo trade insults and super quick spells. Once they both use Stopza, their afterimages bounce around the cell block. Before either fight could be concluded, Hotel tells everyone to retreat.


Luna struggles in her chains as Whiskey barely holds back her despise. She tells her that she stole something from her, that she was a false princess. Luna only gets free once Hotel issues his retreat call.


Before Beuce could step in to help, Victor/Luther returns to clash blades. Luther uses his speed to attack from multiple angles, but this time he's able keep up with his speed. Delivering a hard punch to Luther chest, Beuce is able to put his opponent on the backfoot with a well timed slice. They battle for a time but Luther leaves abruptly as Hotel calls out to retreat.


Though they're ambushed by Zulu, he's quickly and anticlimactically stabbed in the back by Vanitas. The dark reflection of Ventus would be dangerous enough on his own. He taunts the two, telling them that he's kidnapped and attacked their mothers personally. Aux flies forward in a rage as he realizes the danger his mother is in. But his blade is stopped by Ventus, controlled by the dark remnant that once took hold of Aux's body. Vanitas easily manages to hold off Karina, who tries to fight to get to Aux. Standing still in fear, Aux is pummeled by the remnant. It's angry at it's former host. The two only leave after Hotel chews them out and retreats, leaving Aux and Karina to find the group again.


The party is shocked as their family members are taken, and now find themselves at gunpoint from Hotel and X-Ray. Red 'X's' appear on their chests to show they mean business. This is where they reveal they're only here to kidnap Kel all of them. Though Kel knows he shouldn't endanger himself, he knows that they're holding their loved ones hostage. Including his father. On top of everyone now fighting, Kel gives himself up. Hotel fires bullets that freeze his hands and legs, leaving them helpless as they're taken into a dark portal. The call to retreat is made and the Red Society readies themselves to leave. The group readies themselves to leave on their ship but are halted by a mysterious hacker...The Red Society sends out Whiskey, Kaizo, Alpha and Victor are all sent out to capture the SOS's family members as hostages to keep the heat off them. Vanitas and Remnant rendezvous with Hotel and help stop Kel from initiating a quick escape attempt. And strange enough, they keep calling him Bravo? Hotel takes delight in revealing it, that Kel has been a sleeper agent this entire time. Kel is shocked but becomes speechless as a 'B' tattoo appears on his arm. Kel is the traitor.

Final Fights

Down in the cells, Quill awakes from his beating to find the cybernetic keys on the guards he crashed into. He gives Stratos and Kaida their keys, though this reveals his form. Quill is a Keyblade master that once took on the form of a heartless, dying on his world and mysteriously awaking on this ship. The resurrection had complications though, mutating his body to have black chitin and heartless physicality. The appearance is shocking, and the cursed man doesn't take the time to stay around and be judged by the two. Though they try to help the poor man. Quill makes his way down to the holding cell, where he remembers the guards saying his belongings would be. Including his Keyblade, which never returned to him or disappears into light after his dark corruption. Finding the security floor, Quill sees Sho Minamimoto counter hacking his unknown enemy in the terminal room, trying to secure an exit for the Red Society. Though he doesn't know if it's obligation or personal pride, Quill rushes in to fight the man on the behalf of the SOS. Their battle is hard fought, Quill clearly unfamilar with fighting in his mutated body and Sho was no push over. The battle only is won by the skin of Quill's teeth, collapsing several floors above them by javelin throwing his keyblade through the ceiling. Quill crawls out of the wreckage and passes out from his injuries against the wall. Sho escapes, hobbling away to the closest panel to inform Hotel of some setbacks.

The full SOS meet up and spread out, happy to have Karina back with them and everyone freed from their cells. Beuce and Karina share a moment of raw emotion, clear that perhaps something was sparking. But for now the group agreed they needed to split up to find their family scattered around the various cell blocks. Down in Prison Block K, Kaida, Beuce and Karina look through the cells. They find Karina's mother; Joanne, and her brother; Eric. The otger side had Aux's mother; Iso, her baby daughter, and Aislinn's nephew; Zeke. Before they can be freed Victor and X-Ray appear through a dark portal. Meanwhile in Cell block E, Aislinn, Aj, Faust and Stratos all fan out through the area. They find Kel's father and Karinas father, but are stopped by Alpha and Kilo. And lastly Aux and Luna, who find Luna's family and cohorts. As well the injured Quill, who manages to help them when Whiskey ambushes the Princess to enact her revenge.

As Sho Makes his way back to hanger with Hotel, Vanitas and the Remnant, they're mysterious hacker is revealed to be DJ! His ship docks and is revealed to have survived his fight with X-ray. He, along with Shiro, manage to fight back the 4 of them. As the remnant attempted to put down DJ and Shiro, DJ manages to use a device that contained the Remnant in a prison. Freeing Ventus, Shiro is able to severely injure the 3 of them. Kel is saved but the nature of his connection to the Red Society still weighs on him heavily. Hotel issues a retreat and the Red Society is forced off the ship. All except for Victor, who finds himself in a one on one with Beuce. For a brief moment in their clash, a mysterious power surges in Beuce. The power of Blade aura magnifies and for a second he's able to see the mastery of the technique. This single strike allows him to strike down Luther, dying laughing as he found a worthy opponent to die against. X-Ray/Alex is subdued by Karina and is taken into custody by DJ and Shiro.


Everyone reunites and is able to clear their names with the Sanctuary forces, giving a happy middle finger to the pricks who tried imprisoning them. DJ and Shiro are happy to see everyone and manage to get them their next lead for defeating No Heart once they rendezvous with the other forces of Light. Karina is able to tell of her father and assert herself as her own person, angering Xeras to no end. Quill is accepted into the party, giving the cursed man another chance at redemption. And Aux is reunited with his mother and his young sister. She chides him about how much he's change, teasing him about crushes he might have on the girls of the SOS (It's pretty adorbs). Aislinn, Ananta, Castur and Stratos find that they need time away to find themselves and reunite with the people left from their worlds. They leave the party and the rest head on DJs ship to their next location.