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Land of Departure KHBBS

Taking place after their visit to the three forest worlds, the keybladers return with new and familiar faces to join the cause. This Chapter somewhat reveals the identity of the mastermind behind Aux, Nequa, and Vanitas' actions as well as a new masked figure. Being warned by Krowley that the new masked figure is dangerous, Yen Sid took a rushed plan of action. He shrunk down the players and scattered them to different worlds, waiting for Yen Sid to resolve the matter. They led them to Baker Street, Pachyderm Parade, The Outback, and Castle of Dreams.

Participating Players[]


Deep in the realm of darkness, the trio of antagonists were assembled awaiting on the mastermind's next plan of action. Vanitas had arrived late for a special assignment to retrieve some one. He reluctantly failed and when questioned on his mission, began interrogating Aux on the alleged letter left behind in Deep Jungle. Before a fight broke out, their Master commander interrupted them. He was dragging an unconscious Eraqus and claimed to have left behind the letter in hopes of testing their strength. The part of his plan that involved abducting keybladers was scratched along with a change in course from his original blueprint. He claimed that certain people were onto his scheme and had Aux and Nequa search for Vanitas' abductee, while Vanitas himself was ordered to go after the next princess of heart. Questioning his intentions, vanitas almost picked a fight with him, until he was persuaded to back down and follow his command should he wish to "become whole." When Nequa and Vanitas left, he stopped Aux and ordered him to keep an eye on Nequa, for he still knew little about her and therefore couldn't trust her. He acknowledged and spoke out his name as Master No Heart.

Another Mask[]

Back at the Land of Departure, the keybladers occupied themselves with a few training exercises. With nothing to go on during this intermission, Krowley was left distraught and grew a little homesick, while feeling helpless in not being able to stop Aux back at Dwarf Woodlands. During this time, 2 more keybladers; Steel and Etrius had made their way into the brigade. They joined in the sparring fun which only lasted so long before Krowley warned that he saw another masked man outside who was after his time belt. Begging that Yen Sid not let him find him, the wizard took action and shrunk them to mouse sized humans before scattering them to worlds that are unreachable to normal sized humans. During everyone's absense, the mystery red haired man asked the whereabouts of the belt. Yen Sid prepared to fend him off, while the man questioned "Why do I always get stuck with the icky jobs?"