Titled The Story of Celio. This is part of the Homeworld Series of worlds, following Celio as he goes through his homeworld during its final moments.

Story Edit

The Unforgiven Edit

The story begins with showing Celio, a knight under the Paradise Kingdom, wandering about the world with the princess of said kingdom. Close friends that they were, they were traveling about the land, until they were assaulted by some strange creature. Unable to fight against it with his makeshift sword, he tried to gain shelter in a cavern, only to be overwhelmed by the creature. When next he awoke, he was found by a wandering knight, found alone and injured.

Being taken to the ruler of the kingdom, the king expressed his deepest regrets and sorrows towards the boy. Thinking the boy as a son to him, he could not think that he had done anything to harm the princess, and yet, as there was no trace of any sort of creature that fought her, he could not believe the entirety of his story. However, as a knight, Celio had failed in his duty to protect the princess and thus was expelled from the court. From then on, the boy was forced to journey the kingdom, with nothing but scorn from others to meet with during this time.

Eventually, as if taken by a sudden storm, his world had been swallowed whole by the darkness. Unsure of where he was, the boy had awoken within his Station of Awakening. Met with question after question to define who he was and what his power was worth. When at the end, he had received his keyblade, the boy next awoke in the realm of darkness. With nothing but a strangely patched up dog to guide his way, Celio followed the canine, eventually walking towards a large foreboding castle in the distance.