Titled The Story of Gwendolyn. This is part of the Homeworld Series of worlds, following Gwendolyn as she goes through her homeworld during its final moments.

Story Edit

Every Heart Wants to Be a Cat Edit

The story begins with Gwendolyn relaxing in the vast plains and fields of her world, resting by a tree. The girl soon had her peace interrupted by the frolicking of a cat that seemed to walk over to her and request something of her. Unsure of what to do, the girl merely humored the cat for a bit, before leading it back to the barn house which supposedly contained an almost innumerable amount of them within. After that, she had gone back to her home, simply chilling out for the time being.

While she went through her general motions of the day, watching television, making food and relaxing this was all soon interrupted by a sudden scratching noise at the door. Walking over to it, the girl opened the door seeing the first cat from before being there. As the cat edged the girl forward, she decided to follow its lead, being lead to the barn house from earlier. Noting that the door was left open, the girl went to check what was inside, only to see a very strange sight.

What was normally filled with nothing but cats, was instead filled with a supernatural blackness. The blackness then looked to Gwendolyn, taking the form of a horde of cat shaped heartless. Terrified, the girl began to run away with the first cat in tow, trying to flee from the terror. However, not only was she outpaced, but the world around her was starting be enveloped by a storm of darkness.

As the cat heartless caught up with her, they lunged at the young girl making her fear for her life. While she was unsure of what happened at first, when she had opened her eyes next, she saw she was wielding some strange silver key like weapon, which seemed to keep the heartless at bay. While she was safe from then for the moment, the storm around her eventually swallowed her, sending her into a realm of darkness. When next she awoke, she was before a large foreboding castle.