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Land of Departure KHBBS

A relatively short intermission from the return of Deep Jungle, Chapter focuses on the mystery of Krowley's origin and how he ties in with the rest of the masked assailants. With Master Eraqus gone on an errand against Yen Sid's advice, the wizard tends to the Land of Departure until his return. The group also manages to decipher the small clue left behind in Deep Jungle. This leads them to divide themselves into groups and set out to one of the 3 possible worlds; Dwarf Woodlands. Nottingham, and The Great Forest.

Participating Players[]


On their return from Deep Jungle, the keybladers returned back to the land of departure. Yen Sid greeted both arriving and returning wielders. In the midst of the welcoming, Krowley was compromised as being from a futuristic era. Confessing his mission, Krowley was sent to the past using a device called the "Chrono-Sash" to find a man who had stole the more complex model. The man who stole this had previously been a dear friend of his, corrupted by the darkness. His dark friend has been using the sash to bring worlds from different time periods into the current one as part of some unknown plan. After pondering possibilities, Yen Sid was shown the note received at Deep Jungle's keyhole location. He was unfortunately unsure what it meant, only that some one was helping them, or leading them into a trap...

Into the Woods[]

While newcomers Luna and Saelis reminisced about their pasts, Krowley had finally cracked the letter. Alerting Yen Sid, he explained that the second half could mean that the next place to investigate would be a world with a Forest terrain. It may have been obvious, but it was the only lead he had to run on. Using a search device known as the Holo-Almanac, he attempted to locate any Forest based worlds nearby. There were 3 matches; Dwarf Woodlands, The Great Forest, and Nottingham. With little time to act, Krowley brought out another device resembling a scanner and taught the other wielders the use of the ability; Blend. this allowed them to alter their appearances so no one would know they were from another world. To ensure future arrivals could gain this ability, he placed the scanner beside the book at the front hall. Setting off, they chose their destinations and ventured off to investigate to the world of their choice.