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Titled: Lockdown. This chapter comes in 2 parts and reveals more about The Order, its members, and their world. In addition, some scenes with the antagonists foreshadow trouble to come. Among the players, both grudges and friendship were formed. This chapter gives the feeling of the penultimate point in part one approaching quickly as the heroes are faced with an overwhelming onslaught.


I. New Digs[]

After every group had been thoroughly thrashed by the apprentice of their world, all the protagonists had eventually found their way into a room within Central Haven. There they met with a man who went by a man named DJ, who seemed to be rather irritated after having to do computer magic that allowed everyone to teleport in, and found themselves to be in the headquarters of The Order. With Hikaru seeing Kaida, he went over to greet his friend only for her to respond by punching him in the face. However, after the group members called him Krowley, this caused her to go into a breakdown after apparently punching a superior in the face.

Karina, having lost to Aux, being in a strange new world, being in a large group of people and just being Karina made her the next to go in a breakdown. Glen, trying to distract her, launched Beuce into her, only for her to swat him away with ease. This made her more angry. So to calm her down, everyone decided to do their own thing. Beuce pantsed Glen, Kel told her to blow off some steam on a training dummy and Ananta (after trying to calm down Kaida) slapped her. Karina then punched Ananta after saying something about hating her family, and then had asked why the couldn't go to the Land of Departure. 

DJ responded to this by shuting everyone up, and telling the group that the Land of Departure had disappeared. The explanation was that its universal clock was probably sent forward or backward, though without any more information, searching would be pointless.He then told all of the members of The Order present (Hikaru, Yue and Kaida) and Merlin to go to a meeting. He then tried to get the group more acclimated with their surroundings by having someone known as the "D-Boyz" give them a tour of their desired location, before shouting at them to get the hell out of his comm center. 

As the group got to an elevator, they were soon met with the "D-Boyz", who were revealed to be Huey, Dewey and Louie. The three then presented the option to the group to split up and go to different places; those being the Main Hall, the Hall of Records, and the training grounds. 

II. In Darker Digs[]

Meanwhile in the darker reaches of whereversville, Aux and Vanitas were shown standing by all the captured princesses. Vanitas had initially complained about how slow the horseman was working, only for Aux to ask what more did Vanitas want now that he was allowed to cut loose. Vanitas countered that by saying that he shouldn't be talking to Master Xehanort, only for Aux to respond that he is more of a pleasure to talk to then they are.

Vanitas then responds to this by telling Aux if he wanted to talk, to just go run back to The Order. He then starts to berate Aux for not extinguishing the two "lights" that still exist in his life. During this point, Nequa returns to the gang, after not answering anything about where she was. Simply stating that it was 40% done. Aux then grew furious at her for seeing her having a kidnapped Mizu in tow, only for Vanitas to mock the fact that that was supposedly one of their biggest challenges.

No Heart then appeared to tell the group that they shouldn't underestimate their enemy. He then told Nequa how he told her he'd deal with The Order on his own accord, only for him to follow that up by questioning her loyalty. She then told him to remember who it was that got him that far. No Heart calmly accepted this and told the crew to get ready for the invasion on Central Haven.

Vanitas, outraged by Nequa getting away with talking back, told No Heart that he was done with this place and that he'd take Ventus and leave. Just then, No Heart hit Vanitas with a blast of energy that sent him soaring across the room. No Heart then revealed that he had tracers that regulated the power of everyone in the room. While Vanitas didn't believe him, No Heart pointed to the eye on his keyblade, telling him that those were his eyes that see their every movement and channel their very darkness.

The section closes out with Aux asking what had happened to Yen Sid. No Heart simply replied that he was no longer a threat, and then  told the group to prepare for the invasion.

III. Main Hall Reunion[]

As the group who had decided to go to the Main Hall (Ananta, Kross, Steel and D'daer,) entered, they were greeted with the sight of a few veteran members of the protagonists sparring with each other. Aden, Raisor, and Anora had been the members in question. They had apparently been under the Order's watchful care to grow stronger after they were found by Blaze and sent to Central Haven. After the sparring was done, Anora saw Kross and then proceeded to hug him. As the two embraced, basically everyone was asking if they were actually dating, to which the both stammered a no.

The group then began to recount many different things. The people who had come from the last set of worlds explained what had happened to them and what had happened to Land of Departure. The three returning members then told of how they had all been found by Blaze/Lea only to be transported to Central Haven. Then they discussed things about each other's worlds, their path's, and their experiences as a keyblade wielder. Eventually, Hikaru came back and joined in on the reunion as well. As the gang continued to talk, they began moving away from the area to Hall of Records only for Kaida to join the group as well.

Hikaru then went on to explain to Kaida how learned what friendship meant to him, and showed her the broken charms to tell her how far Aux had fallen. He then gave her a charm in the shape of a bird, telling her that she someone who enjoyed to be free and one who had no limits, that the bird was a perfect representation of her. After accepting the gift, they started to move out.

IV. Training Grounds Rumble[]

Rewinding to when the group split up, Glen, Karina and Eon had made their way to the training grounds. They were immediately greeted by a hulking eight foot tall man, clad in large white armor. Revealing himself to be the disciplinary master of The Council and going by the name Kuma, he immediately told the group to give fifty push-ups.  So, Karina tried to out muscle everyone, Glen tried to out lazy everyone, and Eon tried to out...Ihavenoideawhatisgoingon everyone.

However, when Glen issued a challenge against Kuma, Karina instead took the offer to which Kuma agreed. And thus begun the spar against Glen and Karina, in which Karina took the initiative to attack first. Glen, having been hit by one of her attacks, realized that this fight was not just a friendly spar. And so, he summoned just about everything he could until he charged forward straight into a barrier generated by Karina. Eon did the same thing when he decided to join the fight.

Karina then mocked Glen by getting rid of his summons, after revealing her invisible barrier was actually the work of Reluctancy. She then told Eon that he needed to start being more observant before jumping into fights, only to cast gravity to delay Eon and then assault Glen once more. Glen, however, countered Karina by using his own Gravity magic and then turning into a baby by use of Blend. Karina then attacked the baby Glen, only for Glen to turn back and then insult everything about Karina and her world. The fight ended as Glen had managed to counter Karina's onslaught of attacks with a Poison Edge, having the poison effect go off and passing out. 

However the fight was not over as Eon then assaulted Glen from behind, having only pretended to have been downed from the earlier assault. However, when Eon tried to summon the three cabellors and they seemed to be sickly, the fight came to an immediate standstill. Eon then had a slight emotional breakdown and questioned the point of friendship as the Three Cabellors had disappeared from existence.

After having a flashback, Glen had a rare display of kindness towards him. He told Eon about how much friendship can suck, but even if you lose one friend you'll be more prepared for it and be more appreaciative of new ones that you make. The segment then ends with Glen challenging Eon to a spar, to have Eon vent out all of his frustrations.

V. The Mark of Mastery[]

Rewinding back to when the group split up again; Stratos, Beuce, Kel, Cat, Base and Luna had all gone to the Hall of Records. As they entered there, an old man who appeared to be hooked up to a machine that monitored his heart rate was stargazing through a telescope. When Duey asked him about it, the man, referred to as Seiza, replied in frustration. There was a problem going on with how stars kept appearing at an unnatural rate. When he turned to realize others were there in the group, he told them to feel free to help themselves to the Hall, but not to touch anytihng on the telescope except the coordinates bar. 

While the group scowered the Hall, Beuce eventually found a book on something known as the "Elemental Guardians." However, the book was not exactly clear on things and possesed a riddle in it stating,

"Beast of Rage, Breath of Fire

Eversleeping, Noble flier

As it stays dormant in its tomb

Just follow the sun, and extinguish the fume"

However, because Beuce could not solve it on his own he asked Cat to help out. Even with Kel joining them in deciphering it, the trio couldn't solve the riddle. It was then that Beuce continued reading the book to find another riddle that he couldn't exactly solve. It read:

"In the depths of darkness, awaits the light.

Guarded by sages of time, made older.

Unlikely, these three, now hold the key

In the mystic eye of the beholder."

Having resigned to not being able to solve it himself, Beuce then walked over to Seiza to ask him about the Elemental Guardians. The old man then started to recount how they were tricky creatures who only showed themselves to people with basic magic knowledge and mastery of their weapon. He then asked the group if they had passed their Mark of Mastery, only to be promptly interrupted by Kaida. 

After a bit of a discussion between the two about their world and Kaida's last mission, Kaida asks him for the book that Aux read before he left. She noted how he had changed after reading it, and wanted to know just what was inside. Seiza, however, refused, telling her thta the book off limits to anyone who had not recieved Krowley's permission. Despite her protests, Kaida eventually gives up and leaves.

After Kaida had left, the trio trying to find out about the Elemental Guardians started to ask Seiza about the Mark of Mastery exam. Seiza then explained how it was a test to prove if a keyblade wielder was worthy of being a master or not. The trio (and Luna who had joined in) immediately jumped to the idea of it, and asked to take it immediately. Seiza then told them that the test had to be handed out by a master and that most everyone in the order was under a lot of stress right now and unlikely to give out said test.

As Seiza went to go put books back, after telling the group this, Cat silently tailed him going to look at a book he just put away. She read that it was about Deep Jungle, and after about halfway through the book, it stated "World Status Unknown" and the rest of the book was blank.

Beuce, however, was not willing to give up on the test just yet. He continued to persist, asking telling Seiza just how important a test like this is for all of them. Seiza then told the group how The Order was very particular about the exams. Usually, a wielder was to train under a master and then said master was to give the exam of their own accord. Then there was also Kuma who could give it out, but Seiza then followed that up with saying how Kuma could be tough about it.

Beuce then asked Seiza about the machine he was using to regulate his heartbeat. Seiza explained that his heart was weakend due to an accident involving him and a friend of his who were trying to leave the world they were originally from. Beuce then resolved to get the Mark of Mastery so he could find the guardian of light and use its power to heal Seiza. While Seiza was thanking him for the gesture, the moogle that had been with Kaida earlier appeared and Seiza told him to go and lead all those who wanted to take the exam, to Kuma.

As Beuce, Kel, Cat, and Luna all made their way into the training grounds, they were met with Kuma. After being told that they wanted to take the Mark of Mastery Exam, Kuma told them that he would only let three of them take the test. After Karina and Eon had a verbal spat with each other, the former declared that she wanted to take the test as well. Then Glen walked up and stated how he wanted it as well. Finally, Beuce pulled out a bunch of straws and declared that that would be the way whoever took the test was decided.

VI. The Council[]

Alright, now let's rewind one more time to recap all the happenings with the actual members of the order. The first taking place after DJ had told Merlin, Yue, Hikaru and Kaida to all go report to Krowley. As the group entered an elevator, they were scanned and a voice came out saying the code names to both Yue and Kaida. Yue then explained that this was so that the elevator would only move when any of the seven Order members were onboard. As they entered a room full of tall chairs, Krowley, the grand puba himself, entered into the scene. 

Kaida was the first to explain what had happened in her world, stating how she met the keyblade wielders and that they were all defeated by Vanitas.  Yue and Merlin then went on to describe how similar things had happened in their respective worlds. Yue then started to become extremely frusturated with Mizu's kidnapping, shouting how she was supposed to keep her safe. She then lamented on how she had failed to protect the sister of her friend who had vanished, Rin, and to state how she had two people to look for in the dark realm. Krowley then told Yue how she had to stop relying on her darkness in every situation as the only solution due to not being able to conquer it. 

Krowley then revealed how they had been able to track Hikaru's holo-almanac and still keep tabs on him and the band of protagonists. As Hikaru asked about why they weren't allowed back to the Land of Departure, Lea came into the scene telling them that it wasn't there anymore. Lea then explained how Aux went there to make the world disappear to most likely get rid of the crew's headquarters. When asked about what had happened to Yen Sid, Lea said that he was at his tower when the Land of Departure vanished, and that he has no idea what went down. 

Lea then brought out a moogle, whom he called Jax, who was apparently at the scene of the crime. At the tower, Yen Sid had been confronted by No Heart. The latter told the former how his plan was to obtain Kingdom Hearts and reshape all worlds as he saw fit. When Yen Sid asked why No Heart needed him, the latter replied by practically ordering Yen Sid to "deliver to (No Heart) tools required to repeat the same process (Yen Sid) once did long ago...including the book." Yen Sid then started to muse about how No Heart was someone that he recongonized, but couldn't pin down who he was. No Heart simply stated that he would never find out, before he attacked Yen Sid. Jax left the scene at that point and thus the flashback ended.

Krowley then responded how there was hope that Yen Sid still lived. He then dismissed everyone, saying he needed a private word with Hikaru. When everyone had left, Krowley turned to Hikaru and told him that he'd keep the questions short. The first question was about why Hikaru had left after Aux rather than coming to any of the other members. Hikaru told him that he didn't see Aux take the belt, and that he had walked out as if nothing was wrong. Furthermore, the days prior to that event happening, Aux seemed to only be inconvinienced by everything everyone had done. He then said that he figured if he had talked to Aux by himself, that maybe he could've convinced him to come back.

The second question was about how Hikaru had known where Aux had gone to. Hikaru told Krowley that Aux had seemed to be interested in a world known as Deep Jungle, and stated how he would unlock the enigma of the world. While Krowley didn't tell Hikaru that there was anything special about it, he internally thought about how the secret of the world must never be found by anyone. Krowley then asked Hikaru what should be done now, only for the boy to tell his master that they had to do their jobs. With that, Hikaru was dismissed from the room.

After this had happened, Krowley, Yue, Lea, and DJ had all assembled in DJ's comm center. Once everyone was settled in, DJ started to explain the problem at hand. Looking at the radar, he explained how he wasn't picking up any signals, and explained how the world was locked off from any of the other worlds. No one could leave from this world by Keyglider. DJ then went on to explain how the fact that he had originally created this sort of lockdown protocal, and No Heart was most likely behind this. The thing that had concerned DJ about this, though, was that all those files were classified and only a member of The Order had access to it, stating that he believed one of them to simply be one of No Heart's pawns.

VII. Darkerer Digs[]

Somewhere off in whereverseverville, the Hellfire Club was having a meeting of their own. Maleficent had told the Horned King how all the transmitters across all the worlds had been placed. As the Creeper had begun to praise the Horned King's plan, a cloaked figure came into the scene and mocked just about everyone in the room. As the king asked him if he had gotten the book, the figure simply replied that he had gotten the "mouse" to cooperate with him, he scampered off before he could get the book. When being asked by maleficent if the keyblade worked, the figure said that with a little science mumbo jumbo and all the current captive princesses' hearts, the keyblade worked like a charm to persuade the "little guy." At this point he pulled out his own darker keyblade. The Horned King, still not pleased, told the figure to leave and return with the book or not at all. With that, the cocky keyblade wielder left. The King then mentioned how soon the Hellfire Club would soon come out of the darkness and into the light and burn all that stood in their way.

VIII. The Invasion[]

The invasion of Central Haven by the dark apprentices had begun with Nequa. Revealing herself to Yue and Lea while they were by themselves, after speaking Yue quickly realized that Nequa was actually the missing order member and Mizu's older sister, Rin. Yue then refused to accept this, only for Nequa to pull off her helmet and reveal her face, showing that she was indeed Rin. She then started taunting Yue, and left behind in a dark corridor, only for Yue to quickly chase after her. Lea, having not done that, decided to chase after Yue by teleporting away in a dark corridor himself.

Meanwhile, in the main hall, after Kaida and Hikaru's touching moment of friendship, Vanitas had been concealed in the ceiling, and was about to hit Kaida with some really powerful spell. He was then stopped by DJ, using time magic on him. DJ then told Kaida about how Central Haven was under lock down, meaning that no one could leave via keyglider, and then that their only hope of escaping this, was to go back in time to find a way to stop the lock down. While Kaida protested at first, and wanted to leave some kind of warning, DJ told her it was the only way and that they couldn't change things that they knew were going to happen. With that done, the two of them went back in time and left Central Haven for Disney Town.

Meanwhile, at the training grounds, the Mark of Mastery Exam was about to begin. However, Aux looking in on the background, was about to completely stop this exam altogether and get rid of all the wielders. However, as he made his himself, because he liked the sound of his own voice or something. Brooding villains are weird like that. His own interuptance was interupted by Master Krowley, who had questioned Aux about what he was doing. Aux briefly lost his cool, telling the master that he was only full of secrets and that was about it. As he was about to engage the master, Kuma bear hugged him from behind and restrained him that way. It was then that Aux decided to send all of the keyblade wielders away from the training grounds by summoning a metric fuckton of behemoths and sending them at everyone.

Being one of the first people to react, Karina quickly realized that if they stood and fought they'd all die, and so she started running away and ordered the others to follow suit. As they made their way to the Hall of Records, every last protgaonist had gathered and was ready to leave the Central Haven...except for Etrius he just kind of vanished off the face of the planet. Also new protagonist Rain poofed into the scene, and decided to help out.

While the keyblade wielders were discussing their means of escape, Kross found a magic mirror that he recogonized as one that could take them to Yen Sid's Tower. However, the mirror was not ready to send everyone away, and needed time to charge up. Seiza, Merlin, and the three ducks then said it would take twenty minutes (which our heroes would realize is a lot longer than it sounds,) to charge up the mirror and needed the keyblade wielders to buy some time for them. With the group bickering around, Beuce eventually took command and told everyone which entrance they should go to and defend against the oncoming storm of heartless. With everyone leaving and going to position, the Battle of One Thousand Heartless was about to begin.

The Battle of One Thousand Heartless[]

The battle of one thousand heartless was a mission within chapter twenty one, in which players had to fight against various heartless. This mission, however, is getting a separate part from the rest of the story due to just how long it is, essentially taking as much time to complete as a regular world would. The order in which the sides are listed here is the order in which they were completed. With the first side being done being the first entry in this wiki entry.

I. East Side[]

After getting their position orders from Beuce; Stratos, Karina, Aden and Base were tasked with dealing with all the heartless on the east side entrance. Note how much those last two are mentioned in this entry. This consisted of soldier, armored knights, power wilds, lance soldiers, assault riders, morning stars, zip slashers and behemoths.

The fight started with Karina basically barking out orders to go take on the weaker heartless first, and then chip away at the behemoth's health. Seeming like an alright plan to follow, both Stratos and Karina went to go follow that. Stratos began the attack by using mine square on books and basically lobbing them at heartless to kill them, while Karina went in for the full frontal assault approach. After the both of them killed as much as they could, they started to do very weak things to chip away at the behemoth's health.

Stratos started to take on the armored knight heartless, dealing with them three at a time because that was all he could kill per post, and used various support magic to heal Karina, who was fighting the soldier heartless. The two acted rather independently during this fight, though still had the common goal of beating down the behemoth. Eventually, though, the behemoth stopped just taking the attacks and went over to kick Stratos away. While the behemoth really only aggroed onto and kicked away Stratos, both he and Karina continued on, business as usual, and continued killing weaker heartless. It was then, after the behemoth started to leave the both of them alone, that Karina made a challenge to Glen and Beuce, of South and North Side respectively, declaring that she could finish her side faster than they could finish theirs. After that, she charged through a horde of heartless for the sole purpose injuring the already injured behemoth before stopping and going to do something else.

The two then seemed to exchange some sort of show off match, in which they both demonstrated to the other just how strong they were. After that was over and done with, Stratos was then challenged by a Zip Slasher, who had him surrounded in an arena of armored knights. While the two had an epic duel to the death between each other, which involved the Zip Slasher splitting the guilotine blade formed from the Cheshire Cat limit in two, the fight ended when Stratos killed it with Zantetsuken. It was then that the surrounding armored knights came in to kill him, only for Karina to cast reluctancy and save the both of them from their current situations. After that, Karina went on to kill the remaining heartless and both her and Stratos went to go take on the behemoth.

They decided to fight it using a strategy of aggro drawing. One would attack, and the other would attack it. This strategy went on for awhile and was proving to be fairly effective, until someone had a change of mood. Karina, who had been fighting like a mad man reveling in the fight so far, was suddenly hit with a wave of depression and contemplated why she was even fighting in the first place. During this time, she was about to be killed only for Stratos come in and save her. The two then had a quick discussion about why and what they were fighting for, only for it to end with Karina slightly getting her spirits back. After that, the two went out on an all out assault, killing the behemoth.

When that was over and done with, Stratos went on to fight other heartless as Karina went to go fight against a zip slasher, (which turned out to be a heat saber,) by herself. After casting various magics to combat against it, despite being told it was immune to it, Karina then went on to assist Stratos, who had a mob of armored knights and assault riders on him. Stratos told Karina that he'd aggro the mob whilst she took care of it, to which she thought was a stupid idea but went along with it anyway. As Stratos was preforming this aggro plan, the second behemoth came into the picture. One who did nothing but stared into space, appeared out of seemingly nowhere, and did nothing but kick.

So, while Stratos was aggroing the heartless, he was also fighting this behemoth, dubbed Derpy the Derpmoth for its overall derpy behavior. And by fight, that means that Stratos was just getting kicked around and chipping away at its health, while dodging other heartless. After having Karina kill all of the heartless, while probably becoming depressed again, Stratos was finally able to end the reign of Derpy the Derptmoth and then two proceeded on to fight the next behemoth.

This behemoth was different from your average behemoth. It was a behemoth that was constantly on fire and let out a large amount of heat from it. It's skill set was that of just a master fire mage who had access to heat death rays. This behemoth was named Satan, and it gained its power from the raw negative emotions generated by Karina. After the two fought against it, with aid from Dumbo and Karina trying to not be a manic depressive, they succeeded in winning against it. Then they were immediately flung into their next behemoth.

This behemoth was again, different from the average behemoth. It was all white, had angel wings, and may or may not have had a halo. I don't remember. Regardless, it was a master of holy magic and could fire off light bolts and shit named Michael the Archmoth. Anyway, Karina and Stratos fought the thing, it knocked out Karina, and then Stratos finished it off. Blah Blah Blah, lots of fighting later and kill all of the heartless they went to go fight their final behemoth, Da'Ve the Voidmoth. Da'Ve having mastery of the void, was still no match for the combined efforts of Stratos, Karina and Aden (who started right as they were fighting this thing,) all were able to finally kill the last behemoth and finish east side. Also Karina turned into a monk somewhere along the way too. These entries are all professionally written.

II. North Side[]

North side consisted of Beuce, Kel, Hikaru, Luna, and Anora. The heartless of the North Side consisted of shadows, soldiers, yellow operas, green requiem, red nocturne, blue rhapsody, large body, trick ghosts, surveillance robots, book masters and ten behemoths.  The fight started with Beuce giving out the orders of the people to split up and cover different sides. After they had gone their seperate ways, Beuce kicked off the north side by using zantetsuken and murdering a large mob of shadows. He then moved onto dealing with a behemoth straight after, only to immediately to change targets onto the smaller heartless. After doing a series of attacks, he eventually got smacked back by a large body and was sent down to ground.

Anora then came in to aid Beuce. After killing a few shadows and large body, she decided to aid her injured friend by using a potion item (and did indeed subtract it from her actual items,) in order to heal him. Kel then joined the fray and helped out the others by killing a few shadows and soldier heartless as well. Beuce then took a  surveillance robot and used sparkle ray with it, killing a large body with it. He then had a sudden revelation as to why shadows were called shadows, and then killed some more of that heartless. Meanwhile Anora had been fighting other heartless as well, and after a combination of magic and stuff, and killed a bunch of blue rhapsodies and shadows.

Kel, meanwhile, was fighting more shadows and large bodies. However, after he hit a large body like it was a golf ball and ended up smacking a behemoth with it, he had to start running from said behemoth. Kel then jumped over the charging behemoth and got right on top of it. He then started to ride atop the behemoth, murdering things in his path. However he was soon thrown right off the behemoth and smacked against the ground. Kel continued to fight the behemoth, until he eventually fought himself into a corner, only to improvise with blizzard, freezing the ground, and use it as a means of escape.

At this point, Beuce had summoned the Cheshire Cat, and after some sort of weird satanic blood pact, covered the room in some sort of purple aura. While the Cheshire's cat's powers were helping them, and oddly enough east side as well, they also seemed to come with detriments as well. Regardless, Kel had continued fighting the behemoth, only for him to freeze the ground and the behemoth to jump over it. This then lead to the behemoth being named Free Willy Cat. Free Willy Cat was then about to crush Kel, only for Beuce to save him by using the Full Deck power from the Cheshire Cat. The two continued to beat down on this behemoth, alongside other heartless, until Beuce went in for the killing blow (which involved turning huge and ripping off its own tusks.)

After that was done with, Kel, Beuce, and Hikaru had gone back to just killing regular heartless. Somewhere along the way, amongst the killing of the various heartless, Beuce had metaphized into a Soldier Job Class, and proceeded to kick ass with it. Kel did the same thing. After the both powered up with the soldier's innate passive ability, they went on to fight the next behemoth, one that had control over wind magic, named Alexander the Gale Behemoth.

While Kel, Beuce and Hikaru all seemed to be able to beat down this behemoth, it was soon that east side residence Karina and Stratos came in to assist them. After the gloating of finishing first subsided, the behemoth soon was felled by the combined might of the wielders. The group then went on to fight their own heartless. The next behemoth then revealed itself to Stratos, its name being Larry the Pedalmoth, and it seemed to stand on its hind legs. 

The behemoth seemed to be kicking Stratos's shit in, and so Beuce came in to assist him in taking Larry down. After the combination of the two's efforts had knocked it around, Kel came in and finished the large creature off. After the trio had finished that behemoth off, they were then greeted with Shac the Clowmoth's appearance. This behemoth rode in on a swaggin unicycle, had clown makeup all over it, and was juggling giant rubber balls like no ones business. The trio decided to fight the thing as normal, though it did not fight them as normal.

Karina had claimed killing all the trick ghost and large body heartless herself, which no one challlenged due to her extremely pissy mood. Shac, however, just killed some for her. Shac also continued to throw balls at them whenever they'd be caught up in some sort of inner monologue. However, the trio fighting Shac had managed to nearly kill it...and then because Beuce wanted the last hit but didn't post for a few days, Stratos moved onto the next behemoth.

This next behemoth was a walking fortress essentially, armed to the teeth with firearms. It was named Metal Heart MOTH. Stratos and the behemoth then went on to fight each other in a battle filled with reaction commands. While this fight was going on, Hikaru came around and killed most of the trick ghosts and Shac, managing to piss two parties of people off at once by helping kill the wrong things. After Stratos finished off Metal Heart MOTH, he went to go aid Karina. Because of her being injured and fatigued, Stratos decided to take the aggro of the large bodies onto himself instead.

Karina then basically yelled at him for trying to help her, and told him that she didn't need any help in this fight. After that decleration she took all the aggro of the large bodies back onto herself. Stratos then yelled at her and basically declared that he would make sure she would live through this fight no matter what, and then promptly took all the aggro back onto himself. As the two finished off the heartless, they continued their discussion, Karina asking why he was so intent on saving her and Stratos saying that it was due to them being a team. The discussion was ended when Karina told Stratos about herself. How she figured herself worthless because despite trying to appeal to her father, and try to prove herself just as capable as any member of his military, he wouldn't have any of it and just treat her as worthless instead.

The two then went on to fight Azima, the Xermoth. Azima was a behemoth made of rocks held together by raw energy, with attacks that included using a polearm, a crescent blade, summoning sand behemoths, and attacking with raw energy. Karina and Stratos managed to deal with it just fine, however it eventually caught Karina off guard, and Beuce jumped in to save her, taking a blast of raw arcane energy head on. This scene caused both Stratos and Karina to become enraged. However, because Stratos posted before Karina did, he ended up killing Azima and Karina just attacked the next behemoth. 

After wearing himself out, Stratos explained why he was so intent on saving others. That being, when he had gotten the keyblade he was far too weak to actually help anyone on his homeworld, and so he tried to not be a failure anymore. After that, the duo that was Karina and Stratos then went on to fight the next behemoth, who was Thrisle the Warmoth, a weird spectral firey behemoth who toted around a sickle. As Beuce got ready to join the fight, a behemoth dual wielding pistols came in, named Lucda. The two behemoths seemed ready to work together. While Kel and Beuce seemed willing to distract Lucda while Karina and Stratos took on Thrisle, the two behemoths didn't fall for this ploy and instead focused down Karina. 

Beuce ended up saving her from the sickle that Thrilse had thrown at her to finish her off, just in time and then yelled at Stratos to help Karina out. Beuce also told Karina that the two of them were the same, and that if she wanted to know the meaning behind that she'd have to live through this fight. Stratos, using an actual potion on Karina, made sure she was alright, and the duo went to help Kel and Beuce kill Thrisle and Lucda. After that, there was only one more behemoth of North Side to deal with.

However, this behemoth seemed to be much stronger than the others, as it took twice as long to kill as the others. Having a different part of its body made up of one of the ten elements, this master of elements was Spectrum the Elemoth. In a large display of teamwork, the group managed to subdue the behemoth and then in an even more amazing display of teamwork, Karina attacked it and killed it and apparently no one else did anything and just watched or whatever, I don't know, as she did this. GG.

III.West Side Story[]

The third side to finish up in the battle of one thousand heartless was the west side. The heartless here were more of an aerial variety, in large quantities but low hit points, with them being things such as rapid thrusters, aerial battlers, wyverns, etc. and of course the classic five behemoths. These heartless were fought by Ananta, Kross, Steel and with special guest star, Rain. With the fight starting, the people had all gone and done their own thing for the first portion of it.

Ananta had simply been fighting the heartless with her magic and such, slaying heartless and soon coming to the realization that hearts float out of heartless when they die. Wondering where those hearts go, this then prompted Ananta to have a much larger train of thought. Things such as the duty of a keyblade wielder, what was so good about the darkness in general and thoughts of her own past raced through her head as she continued to kill the heartless. She was eventually overwhelmed by them, however Kross came to her rescue, and the two began fighting the heartless together for a bit.

Meanwhile, Steel had been busy running around killing heartless in various ways. If it wasn't with an umbrella or magic, (both of the basic and Steel variety) then it was through using the heartless themselves. Using the behemoth's horn as an execution range to impale heartless upon, or just gripping a heartless and literally beating others with it. In addition, during these periods of killing the heartless, Steel also has conversations with the Cheshire cat about...Steel things. He also turned into a ninja halfway through the fight.

After the trio of keyblade wielders had killed literally every other heartless but the behemoths, the time to finish even those off was now upon them. The first of the behemoths to fall was one that was completely standard compared to the other freaks that had been popping up. Having been chipped at the entire time that the other heartless were being slain, Ananta was able to finish it off first by launching a barrage of fire spells at it, thus incinerating it to death. With that done, the second behemoth contender, Behanzmoth, had made his appearance.

While Ananta had decided to attack it like any other, she was quickly met with resistance as the behemoth created dark hands that just sort of grabbed her and stopped her from doing anything at all. In order to save her, Steel then went into a large string of attacks that ended with getting slammed down by a hand, but ultimately severing both of them from Behanzmoth for the time being. Ananta, now having been freed, attacked at the behemoth again, only to be caught by the regrown hands of the Behanzmoth. However, not needing help this time, she simply destroyed both of them herself this time and managed to leave it open for the next attacker, that being Kross. In a frenzy, Kross sort of just angrily charged and yelled at Behanzmoth letting into it. Ananta then went into attack it again, with Kross to follow her up in the attack, only to be followed up by special guest star appearance Rain. It finally ended with Ananta and Kross tag teaming the behemoth and finally slashing it into oblivion.

The next behemoth was then to be taken on by Steel. Feeling ignored and not really like he was only good as a fighter rather than person, he singled out a behemoth and decided to start fighting it himself. He did so, by creating a large light barrier that created an arena for both the two, not allowing anyone in or out. As he did this, and started to fight the behemoth, Ananta then started to pound on and say all this stuff about letting others into this barrier, with clear double meaning of it being both physically and emotionally. When this failed, she then had to go assist Kross in killing another behemoth.

The behemoth that Ananta and Kross had starting fighting was a fairly normal one. As it had failed to do anything to Steel's barrier, it then attacked Ananta, only for her to respond in kind and attack it, followed up with Kross's attack on the thing. The two had then continued to unleash a barrage of magical attacks on their behemoth, weakening it significantly. Their tag team tactics had followed through to the end and they had managed to slay the behemoth by slicing off its horn, making them move on to their next behemoth.

Meanwhile, Steel had been doing his own little fight inside of the barrier against a behemoth whose power was to scream and hit people those sound waves. It's name was, aptly, Screamarch. Steel had begun to assail the behemoth with various quick strikes, and kept up the constant pressure against his opponent. Steel had ignored Ananta's protests for her to help him, as he had resolved to take the behemoth out himself, and was only fueled by irritation as the duo of Kross and Ananta had managed to take down their behemoth before he could take his down half way.

On the other side of the barrier, the next behemoth had taken Ananta by surprise, and showcased off its feature all at once. Grabbing her with its elongated frog like tongue, the next contender for them to fight was Betonguemoth. Having managed to break free from her captor's grasp, Ananta then began to attack it once more. As she attacked it again, she then went back to try and to speak with Steel through his barrier, until eventually giving up. However, while trying to do this, the Betonguemoth had attacked at her, and Kross dove in front of the attack. Steel then gave her a hi-potion to give to Kross and told her that the barrier would lift when either he finished his opponent or she finished hers. However, Ananta was all like "fuck that" and went to rip apart the barrier anyway. Both Steel and Ananta seemed to be pretty annoyed with each other and ended up fighting their respective behemoths separately anyway, and then Ananta and Kross finishing off both Betonguemoth and Screamarch. With that done, their side was finished.

IV. South Side[]

South side was the last side in the battle of one thousand heartless to finish. The heartless totaled two hundred on this side, making it the side with least amount of heartless (not necessarily the smallest BP though.) The heartless here also followed the theme of being rather tanky and large heartless (assault riders, defenders, large bodies, etc.) in addition to the iconic behemoth heartless that were there. The keyblade wielders for this side were D'daear, Raisor, Glen, and special guest star appearances by Cat, and no appearances by Eon. As this was the last side, eventually everyone gathered to this side.

The fight had started with Raisor and D'daear charging in first and taking on the heartless, followed alongside Cat. Both D'daear and Cat eventually started to focus on taking down a singular behemoth and tag teamed with each other for a short while, until Cat eventually stopped doing anything altogether, and D'daear went to focus on other heartless before stopping as well. Glen eventually came in, while the two were fighting, and started to take on individual heartless as well.

Raisor and Glen had continued to fight the heartless in their own little isolationist way, without any assistance from the other, and eventually Raisor far outpaced Glen in terms of heartless killing. After awhile, Glen had managed to aggro every heartless in the room all at once, though immediately decided to focus on the one behemoth, Unibertha. In addition, he went super saiyan after the death of Paul, a wandering little shadow who got stomped on by a behemoth and his death touched the hearts of everyone in the library, and eventually turned into the monk job. However, Raisor had continued to kill most of the heartless in the side, and Glen continued to fade in an out in terms of activity.

With the death of Spectrum the Elemoth, however, the crews of East Side and North Side came in to assist the people of South Side in killing the rest of the heartless. Stratos, Beuce, Kel and Karina all split apart into different groups to fight groups of heartless on their own, (or in Karina's case the Behemoth that D'daear and Cat had been fighting earlier,) in addition to Raisor and Glen being left to their own devices as well. The fight with Karina and the behemoth revealed it to actually be a behemoth by the name of Cid, who just sort of fought by unleashing attacks with different weapons and the doom spell. Nevertheless, it was still no match for Karina and with some assistance involved, Beuce's, efforts.

When all the other heartless had been defeated, the final three behemoths had shown themselves. Stratos was attacked immediately by Tar the Jewelmoth and Dia the Moonmoth, only for them to be eaten by the final behemoth, Arma the Kingsmoth. This had turned into the grand mother of behemoths, practically triple the power of a regular behemoth, and force that frightened all the keyblade wielders. Karina, seeing this, decided to immediately go after Unibertha in order to kill it before Arma could eat it. Luna, Beuce, Raisor and Glen went to help kill the unibrowed behemoth, while Stratos and Kel fought off against Arma. However, Karina hated Luna, and kind of just threw her at Arma, landing a direct hit. Whoops.

However, Bertha had fallen relatively quickly with the grand majority of the party fighting against it, with Glen dealing the finishing blow. Meanwhile, Kel was busy making sure the now unconscious Luna was not getting killed by Arma, while Stratos was just trying to survive against it as well. However, as Bertha died, in addition to the rest of South Side joining in on the fight, West Side had finished as well and came in to join against the fight (albeit with some left over drama between Steel and Ananta.) The entire group of keyblade wielders then banded together and started unleashing all kinds of attacks, one after the other, completely unrelenting in both strength and magic, until finally Glen brought up a Reaction Command by the title of Behemoth Slayer.

With Kel leading the charge, he triggered the reaction command to end it all. With everyone gaining the reaction command after him, all the party members did different sort of completely nonsensical yet badass attacks against the final behemoth. After the barrage of attacks finished, Kel then channeled the will of all the party members into the shape of a drill, charging and drilling through Arma with it. When the behemoth ended with a giant hole through it, the entire cast had shouted "Who the hell do you think we are?!" and the fight was over.

V. The Aftermath[]

When everyone had ultimately finished off Arma the Kingsmoth, they quickly tried to evacuate the premises through the mirror that had been charging up this entire time. Everyone was battered, bruised, mamed, Beuce lost an arm, and everyone was tired. As they piled through it, Seiza had stayed behind and shut the mirror down, causing the entire cast to be unable to return through it, and everyone else to not be able to chase after them. After this he was then confronted with No Heart. Seiza commented on how strange it seemed that No Heart was able to soundly defeat Kuma, only for (plot twist) Master Krowley to reveal he was evil and working with them all along!

As thousands more heartless converged on the area and two of the most powerful keyblade wielders he knew of, Seiza was ready to accept the death that was most likely coming. However, he wasn't killed, and the two masters simply said that they still had plans for him and then end scene.

Participating Players[]


  • This was the longest intermission chapter thus far (rivaling the length of three worlds going on at once.)