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titled; "An unexpected Visit," this chapter focuses on the untimely visit to Yen Sid's Mysterious Tower. While everyone else has been spread out to the nearest worlds; Kingdom of the Sun, Land of Dragons, and Wonderland, two keybladers find an enchanted mirror in the Land of departure, which leads them to the Wizard's home. There, they learn some interesting things about the past that could very well affect the future...

Participating Players[]


The story begins with Clavis, a new comer summoned by Yen Sid, meeting Kross who was returning back to the Land of Departure. After introducing themselves, they decided to talk more while heading to the dinning hall. The duo talked for quite something, discussing various things, bonding as they talked.

When they were finished talking, they decided to have a little sparing match between the two of them. The sparring session between the two of them lasted a short while before Kross noticed a light shining from a nearby mirror. The light only got brighter as it sucked the two wielders from the Land of Departure and to the Mysterious Tower. The two found themselves in a room full of mirrors and began to climb the staircase for answers.

Instead of trying to go back the way they came, they decided to venture up the stairs to see where they led to. Reaching the top of the tower, they came to a door and started to explore it. While they did so, a mystic veil surrounded the door, trapping them with the heartless that appeared in the room.

With little option, they engaged the heartless surrounding them in combat. Fortunate for Kross, the battle didn't take long before Yen Side appeared and dismissed his security system. Though Kross was successful, Clavis had ended up in a comatose state. Yen Sid re-assured Kross that he would be fine and gave him an explanation of the current situation. He also briefly mentioned having 2 students before sending Kross back to the Land of Departure, leaving Clavis to rest in subconsciousness.