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Castur is a keyblade master and protagonist in Kingdom Hearts SOS.


Zephyr's Gloom is a place as dark as the name implies. In Zephyr's Gloom, the world is ruled by a corrupt government with a longstanding distrust of outsiders. Ever since the Keyblade War there has been a longstanding hatred towards keyblade wielders after the damage that had been done to the Realm of Light. Over time, this deep rooted hatred grew to extend to anything magical and, in recent years, this has expanded so greatly as to include beliefs that were deemed as "strange" or heretical to the common faith.

Occasionally, those who find themselves capable of wielding the keyblade and children gifted with magic still appear on Zephyr's Gloom to the confusion of everyone. These anomalies often go unnoticed for long periods of time. To combat those born with fearsome abilities the government has heavily militarized local law enforcement in every community, even going so far as to give highly advanced training to their best "enforcers" for the specific task of hunting town Zephyr-born keyblade wielders. Those with that particular task are dubbed with the honorary title "knight".

Since the governing body was eager to bring in fresh blood into their new program they began to pull children off the streets and placing them into academies for training in exchange for food and shelter. They offered Castur a purpose and he was willing to go through with whatever orders he was given so long as it meant survival. It was there that he met his friend Peralta, another kid who had pulled off the streets just as he was.

Years passed and as Castur and his friend grew their convictions of their orders began to wane. The more time passed the more they found it difficult to justify the actions of their people. The two knights had gone to their commanding officer, a man they knew would share their concerns, to question if he would support them in making a change to the way their brand of "justice" was carried. Their CO offered to meet with them again in secret later the next day to discuss their next course of action.

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As Arctus he was extremely talkative and seemed to ramble on just about any subject his mind came across. He kept his distance from the other Black Coats and acted rudely towards just about everyone he came across. He seemed to be clueless about everything that was going on though since he had been recruited to join the Black Coats out of the blue.

Castur is thoughtful, observant, and holds a very strong sense of justice due to his experiences. He deeply wishes to redeem himself for the mistakes of his past.


  • 2/43 (+12) AP
Ability Description AP Equipped
High Jump

Leap into the air.

(Allows the player to attack higher targets)

1 Yes
Dodge Roll

Increase Dodge Rate by 40%

(At 60 Speed, Dodge Rate increases to 50%) 
(At 80 Speed, Dodge Rate increases to 60%) 
(At 100 Speed, Dodge Rate increases to 75%)

2 Yes
Guard Uses a turn to protect against physical attacks, taking only half the damage. (Also deflects certain projectiles) 2 Yes
Magic Lock-On Base Accuracy for all Magic becomes 100% 1 Yes
Item Boost Restoration item effects are doubled. 2 Yes
Cheer Extend Controlled and Auto summons by 1 cycle. Equipping this ability to the entire party increases the effect. 1 Yes
Second Wind Recover from Knockout ONCE with 50% HP. 4 Yes
Damage Syphon Restores some of the Command Gauge when your player takes damage. (1% for every 2 HP lost) 3 Yes
Lucky Lucky

Increase gambling chances by 5%

Equip to entire party to boost effect.

3 No
Cover Uses a turn to protect an ally with Guard. 1 Yes
MP Haste Restore 1 MP every 3 cycles. 3 Yes
Second Chance Ensures 1 HP remains after taking a hit that deals more than 40% of your HP in damage. 4 Yes
Reload Boost

Cooldowns decrease by 1 turn for Skill Commands

(Cannot decrease a cooldown past 3 Turns)

4 Yes
Counterattack Counter an enemy with a combo while in Guard. 4 Yes
MP Rage If more than 50 damage is taken in an attack, restore 1 MP. 3 Yes
Berserk Boost Attack by 30% when under 25% HP. 2 Yes
Critical Plus Increase critical chance by 15%. 3 Yes
Healing Guard Recover 10% HP When guarding. 3 Yes
MP Gift

Sacrifice 2 MP to restore 3 MP to an ally.

(Uses a turn)

3 No
Combo Castur will never Combo. X No
Air Combo Castur will never Air Combo. X No
Blend The ability to change appearance to blend in a foreign world.  0 Yes
Tribute Volunteer as a token for an ally's Drive Form transformation. 0 Yes
EXP Writer III

For every 10 words the player writes, they will be awarded 1 EXP. (OOC Messages aren't tallied, Maximum 100 EXP per post)

Only active during Brawl Missions.

0 Yes

Skill Commands[]

Skill Slots CG Cooldown Power Element Description Equipped
Crystalline 2 0% 5 Turns N/A Light The player heals any status ailments and increases their Max HP by 10 for the rest of the battle. Yes
Quake 2 30% 5 Turns 400% Earth


It allows the user to generate a small earthquake that kicks up pillars of rock. Deals damage to all grounded enemies! Yes
Splattercombo 1 30% 4 Turns 150% Darkness


A six hit combo that sheds off MP from the opponent. Restores the MP gauge by 2. Yes
Poison Edge 1 10% 5 Turns 150% Darkness



Perform a jumping attack that poisons some foes. 60% Poison chance. (1 hit) Yes


Spell MP CG Power Description Equipped
Firaga 1 35% 250%


Scorch the opposition with supreme fire magic.

- 20% chance to inflict the Burn status. Ground Accuracy: 95

Air Accuracy: 85

Blizzaga 1 35% 240%


Freeze the opponent with supreme ice magic. 

Damages up to 3 targets.
- 20% chance to inflict the Freeze status. Ground Accuracy: 90

Air Accuracy: 90

Thundaga 1 30% 250% Fry the opposition with supreme lightning magic.

Damages all targets.
- 20% chance to inflict the Paralysis status. Ground Accuracy: 75

Air Accuracy: 85

Curaga 1 1/2 HP healed 80% Heal Restore a very large amount of HP.

(+1HP for each MP you own)

Aeroga 2 1/2 Aero 0% Halves Physical Damage for taken 3 Cycles.

Damages enemy on contact. Deal 10 damage for each MP remaining.

Stopga 2 0% 0% Stops the target and prevents them from taking any actions for 5 turns in the turn order. Accuracy decreased by 10 each use.

Ground Accuracy: 90

Air Accuracy: 90

Graviga 1 30% 100%-400% Deals damage based on how heavy the opponent is.

Grounds Aerial enemies for 1 Cycle.




Kingdom Key
  • No Bonus Effects
The key chain attached draws out the Keyblade's true form and power. No
Nebulous Blade: (300% CG) For the duration of the battle the user's blade distorts space itself. Every physical attack doubles the weight of the target.
The air trembles in the wake of this Keyblade. Only those with a steady hands and unyielding determination can wield this blade. No
Unbound +7
+5 Strength, +4 Magic, +4 Speed, +1 MP, +3 AP
Keyblade perfection. Offers a small boost in many stats as you chronicle the worlds. Its power grows with each journaled adventure! Yes
Sweet Memories
  • +0 Strength
  • Crown Converter: Converts Munny gained into Crowns. Conversion rate is 1 Crown for every 50 Munny.
Although it does not enhance attack strength, it will strengthen you in other ways. No
  • +2 Strength, +2 Magic
  • Heart's Promise: Gain 10% Strength and Magic each time you are brought back from a knockout during the battle.
A true and loyal blade, it's power increases with each year spent in SOS. No
  •  ???
  • Dark Control: Gain an extra 25% CG each time a darkness command is used.
Possessing colossal power, it's power increases every 2 years spent in SOS. No


Name Stats Equipped
Apprentice Sash +1 MP, +5 Magic Yes
Holy Circlet +4 AP, +20% Elemental Resistance Yes
Mystic Chain +3 Magic No
Ray of Light +4 HP, +1 MP Yes
Speed Chain +3 Speed No
White Gloves +5 HP, +5 AP Yes


  • Potion (Equipped)
  • Hi-Potion (Equipped)
  • Mega-Potion (Equipped)
  • Ether (Equipped)
  • Hi-Ether (Equipped)
  • Balloon Letter (Equipped)
  • Phoenix Down (Equipped)
  • Ultra-Phoenix Down (Equipped)


  •  ???


  • White Mage
  • Ninja
  • Blacksmith (Equipped)


  • Gravity
  • Earth
  • Wind


  • Arctus is left-handed.
  • The coat he wears was taken from a uniform he used to wear in his homeworld and altered before he went out on his journey.
  • The black blade he used to wield, Noctilucent, is still in his possession despite him having acted as if he had lost it after the 10,000 Heartless Battle. In truth, he just always preferred his keyblade to the sword.
  • His birth name is an anagram of the name he had chosen to use during his time undercover in Black Coats.
  • His full name is a reference to the Gemini constellation's binary star system.