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Top (From left to right): Protect Chain, White Fang, Brave Warrior, Speed Chain, Mystic Chain. Bottom (Left to Right): Power Chain, Energy Bangle, Ability Stud.

An Accessory is an item type found in the Kingdom Hearts series. Accessories, when equipped on characters, provide a number of functions to them, including bonuses in their stats, additional abilities, or protection against certain kinds of damage. Accessories are the only kind of equipment that players are granted other than weapons. They covered a wide range of abilities, and are able to improve the the character's stats, as well as providing defense against one or more of the kinds of elemental magic. Accessories could also provide bonuses to magic and Summons.

Players begin the game with one accessory slot, while Guardian Paths begin with two. Afterwords, players gain an additional slot at level 45.

Kingdom Hearts SOS Accessory List[]

Name Description Obtained
Ability Stud "Slightly raises max AP"

+3 AP

Moogle Shop: 400 Munny
Apprentice Sash "Increases max MP and Magic"

+1 MP, +5 Magic

Gift in Symphony of Sorcery

Moogle Shop: 1,200 Munny

Brave Warrior "Slightly raises max HP and Strength"

+4 HP, +2 Strength

Defeat Clayton/Stealth Sneak

Moogle Shop: 700 Munny

Crystal Necklace "Significantly raises max HP"

+10 HP

Given by Kida in Atlantis

Moogle Shop: 1,500 Munny

Energy Bangle "Slightly raises max HP and Defense"

+4 HP, +2 Defense

Moogle Shop: 750 Munny
Holy Circlet "Reduces Elemental Damage. Also raises Max AP"

+4 AP, +20% Elemental Resistance

Moogle Shop: 500 Munny
Lucky Ring "Brings Luck to the wearer."

+5% Luck

Moogle Shop: 700 Munny
Magic Armlet "Slightly raises max MP and Resistance"

+1 MP, +2 Resistance

Moogle Shop: 800 Munny
Moogle Badge "A ribbon that encourages versatility over skill."

+6 HP, +1 MP, +3 AP

Reach 45 points for Achievements
Musketeer Hat "Slightly raises max Attack and Speed"

+3 Strength, +3 Speed

Gift in Country of Musketeers

Moogle Shop: 1,200 Munny

Mystic Chain "Slightly raises Magic"

+3 Magic

Moogle Shop: 500 Munny
Player Pin "Obtained in the Reaper's Game. Significantly raises AP"

+7 AP

Moogle Shop: N/A
Power Chain "Slightly raises Strength"

+3 Strength

Moogle Shop: 500 Munny
Protect Chain "Slightly raises Defense"

+2 Defense

Moogle Shop: 500 Munny
Ray of Light "Slightly raises Max HP and MP."

+4 HP, +1 MP

Moogle Shop: 800 Munny
Rune Armlet "Slightly raises max MP and Defense."

+1 MP, +2 Defense

Moogle Shop: 800 Munny
SOS Ring "A ring that symbolizes the strength of your dedication to the Soldiers of Sanctuary."


Be a part of SOS for more than 1 year.
Speed Chain "Slightly raises Speed"

+3 Speed

Moogle Shop: 450 Munny
Titan Chain "Significantly raises Defense and Resistance"

+5 Defense, +5 Resistance

Reach 75 Points for achievements
White Fang "Slightly raises Strength, Defense, and max AP"

+2 Strength, +2 Defense, +2 AP

Defeat Heartless Sabor

Moogle Shop: 750 Munny

White Gloves "Raises max HP and AP"

+5 HP, +5 AP

Gift in Timeless River

Moogle Shop: 1,200 Munny


In the roleplay, powerful foes that are defeated will award the group with a core memory of that character. This token gives an impressive stat boost, but may only be equipped by ONE character at a time. Equiping Trophies cost 2 Accessory slots.

Name Description Obtained
The Sea Witch's Crown "A crown of impressive magic, born from the same materials as The Trident."

+10 MAG +20 RES

Defeated Ursula
The Captain's Hook "Better than any hand, a hook of deadly prowess."

+10 STR, +10 CG gained from melee attacks.

Defeated Hook
The Boogie Man's Sack "A life sustaining bag capable of holding over 10,000 bugs."

+20 MAX HP, +5 health regenerated every turn.

Defeated Hook